Essential Things Every Wedding Needs

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 08 2021

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Weddings can be very elaborate affairs of simple ceremonies with close family and friends, but no matter how expensive or budget friendly a wedding is, they all have essential things every wedding nee

If you are currently planning a wedding or intend on planning one in the near future, here are just some of the essential things you need to include to ensure your wedding is perfect.


It is easy to tell when a bride and groom have virtually no say in their nuptials or any aspect of planning their wedding. Sometimes, couples are largely left out of the planning stage due to an overaggressive family member wanting everything a certain way. What ends up happening is the couple’s personality is not on display and the entire event can feel completely disconnected.

A wedding is supposed to be a very personal affair and one that the couple can remember fondly, so during the planning stage, the couple needs to ensure that their ultimate desires and personal touches are included. You would be surprised what a few personal touches can bring to the atmosphere of a wedding. Include photo booth hires, a personalized Essex DJ hire, or unique entertainment companies UK to help you have the wedding of your dreams.

Variety of Entertainment

When you think of weddings, one of the first things you likely think of involves entertainment. General wedding entertainment includes either a band or DJ with possibly a dance floor hire London. However, that is not the only form of entertainment available for weddings. A modern wedding planner tries to help couples plan for all guests and what they might like with a range of entertainment options. Hiring a magician to perform on stage or close up table side magic is a current trend and if you want to entertain your guests autonomously, try out a photo booth hire London. Additionally, you do not want to leave out the children’s need for entertainment, so consider a bouncy castle hire Essex. Having a range of entertainment options will allow your wedding to stand out in the crowd and become the one everyone remembers.

Food to Remember

If you are going to have a wedding, you will have to feed everyone and this is one occasion where simple sandwiches and chips simply will not do. Wedding food has become more elaborate than ever before and those in the know, understand that having good food can make any wedding shine. Wedding planners Essex tend to entice couples to plan their menu around what the couple likes or themes that represent their relationship. Another amazing trend is to allow the dessert table to stand as a form of entertainment as well with a chocolate fountain hire Kent. Chocolate fountains are fun, entertaining, and provide endless hours of chocolate covered bliss.

A Quality Location

Gone are the days when weddings were simply held in a church reception hall or in the back garden of a family member’s home. Today’s weddings are held in exotic locations around the world, but if a destination wedding is not on your radar, consider a high quality venue in your own location. Wedding venues come in a range of types and many resorts offer wedding packages for happy couples throughout the year. These packages can include food, entertainment options, and a great place to say I do. However, if your wedding happens to be at a particularly pleasant time of the year, you might want to consider marquee hire UK.

Marquees provide the ideal solution for venues that may lack quality shelter or shade for guests. These tent structures can be set up anywhere and can turn any standard location into an excellent place to have a wedding. Imagine having your dream wedding outdoors without worrying about the weather at all. If you want an epic wedding at any location, consider hiring a marquee to help.

You will have a lot to think about when planning your wedding and each one is different, but no matter when your wedding takes place or who is invited, certain attributes are necessary to allow your wedding to be one everyone will enjoy. You want your guests to have a good time while they are there and you also want to have memories of fun as well, so when planning your wedding, include these essential attributes to ensure everything is ideal. From food, to fun, to a great place for the party to take place, you need everything if you want the perfect wedding.