7 Brilliant and Classic Entertainment Ideas for Weddings

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 17 2022

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Your wedding day should be something joyous and memorable. After tying the knot and getting to the reception, having crickets and deafening silence is the last thing you want to have. For you, your partner, and your guests' sake, put together some brilliant entertainment ideas for wedding guests and have a fantastic time.

Here are a couple of classic wedding entertainment suggestions:

1) Speeches

Speeches are usually a large portion of the wedding reception, and they can be a real treat. This can be where any funny moments are mentioned, and great inside jokes may come back to haunt us. Friends and family members may want to give their speech to the newly wedded couple with a quirky PowerPoint, fun short play, and more.

2) Sketches

Sketches are a great way to break the ice, entertain and relax the wedding guests. This is especially useful for the relatives who haven't seen each other for a long time. A sketch can be about the bride, groom, or even their families. Plus, if well done, a funny sketch is a fantastic way to spice up the reception, and everyone won't stop laughing from beginning to end.

3) Karaoke

Karaoke is a common entertainment for many events, especially for the younger generations. Inviting everyone to sing is a good way to engage everyone and also a great way to show off some singing skills. The best singer in your friend circle can even sing the newlywed couple one of their favourite songs while they slow dance.

4) Photobooths

Photobooths are a fantastic way to get the guests involved and interact more with the newlywed couple. This is an ideal way to loosen up the lovely couple of the day, taking silly pictures with their family and friends. Not to mention, guests will take pictures home as a memory of your wedding when the night is over.

5) DJ-Led Disco

A little disco dancefloor is a classic idea that has been used for years and always has a fantastic turnout. This sort of entertainment is ideal for the younger party-goers and is a great way to involve everyone. Plus, having a DJ in charge of the music will get everyone going and has the perfect mix of music to keep the wedding guests on their feet. 

6) Lawn Games

A great idea for a backyard wedding reception is to have a garden games area for the guests to play in. This area can have a range of games to play, from lawn bowling and croquet to horseshoes and badminton. This is a great idea for a summer wedding, though this can work just as well in the winter if everything is set up right.

7) Entertainers

Hiring entertainment for your wedding can be a great way to build a bit more excitement for the guests and is a great way to showcase your tastes. This could be anything from a singer, magician, caricaturist, or even finding a great band to play some great live wedding music in. Simply have your pick of the flock and get easy entertainment.


The thing to keep in mind is to not overwhelm your guests with a list of entertainment ideas while still balancing plenty of fun. Depending on your wedding venue, wedding theme, overall budget, preferences, and more, you can incorporate many different ideas.

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