Enhance Your Event with Unique and Customisable Mobile Bar Hire Services

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 27 2023

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Whether you're planning an intimate wedding, milestone birthday party, or a large-scale corporate event, the addition of a mobile bar can elevate the occasion, providing a sophisticated and memorable beverage service to your guests. Mobile bars offer unique customisation and personalisation options, ensuring a truly bespoke experience tailored to your event requirements. 

With the support of 1 Entertainment, the UK's Number 1 entertainment company specialising in Mobile Bar Hire and Event Management, we have curated an insightful guide to help you make the most of these innovative bar services and create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

In this practical guide, we will first discuss the numerous advantages of opting for mobile bar hire, including versatility and location flexibility, customised drink menus and packages, as well as professional bar staff and support. Mobile bars provide a comprehensive and adaptable service to cater to your event's specific needs, enhancing the overall experience for both you and your guests.

Next, we will explore various types of mobile bars available for hire. From classic cocktail and wine bars to themed and bespoke bars, there are options to suit every event's style and requirements. For those seeking a truly unique experience, we'll also cover distinctive bar options such as horsebox conversions, rustic wooden bars, or vintage-inspired designs.

Following this, we will discuss personalising and customising your mobile bar to reflect your event's theme or your unique style. This includes personalising the bar's visual appearance, crafting signature drinks and cocktails, and opting for themed décor and accessories. Customising your mobile bar is a creative and exciting way to showcase your event's personality, making a lasting impression on your guests.

Lastly, we will showcase the professional mobile bar consultation, booking services, and coordination offered by 1 Entertainment, along with their comprehensive event planning and management solutions. Collaborating with their team of industry experts guarantees an enjoyable and seamless mobile bar hire experience and a captivating overall event for your guests.

1. Advantages of Mobile Bar Hire

The decision to hire a mobile bar for your event brings with it a range of benefits. Dive into these advantages below to understand the value of mobile bar services.

- Versatility and location flexibility: The mobile nature of these bars allows them to be installed in various locations, from indoor venues to outdoor marquees. They adapt to your event's setting, whether you're planning a beach wedding or a garden party, ensuring ease of access and enjoyable beverage service for your guests.

- Customised drink menus and packages: Mobile bars provide the flexibility to curate a personalised drinks menu or choose from pre-designed packages, catering to your individual preferences and budget. From classic cocktails to unique concoctions, a tailored beverage offering ensures your guests enjoy a memorable and personalised experience.

- Professional bar staff and support: An integral part of any successful mobile bar hire is the team of skilled and friendly bartenders responsible for serving your guests. A professional bar team not only creates an enjoyable atmosphere but also ensures smooth service and efficient management of the bar, providing an exceptional experience for your guests during the event.

2. Different Types of Mobile Bars

Selecting the ideal mobile bar to align with your event's style and requirements is crucial. Explore these varied options to find the perfect mobile bar for your celebration:

- Classic cocktail and wine bars: For a sophisticated and elegant beverage service, classic mobile bars specialising in cocktails, wines, and champagnes are an excellent choice. These bars can be customised to match your event's theme or colours, creating a refined yet personalised ambience.

- Themed and bespoke bars: For those seeking a distinctive and immersive experience, themed mobile bars offer a unique and memorable touch. From vintage speakeasies to chic tropical bars, themed bars can help reinforce your event design and create a captivating environment for your guests.

- Unique bar options: For a truly one-of-a-kind beverage service, consider distinctive mobile bar options such as horsebox conversions, rustic wooden bars, or vintage-inspired designs. These enchanting mobile bars add a visual wow factor, enticing guests to partake in the expertly crafted drinks.

3. Customising Your Mobile Bar

Inject personality into your event by personalising various aspects of your mobile bar. Consider the possibilities below to create a bespoke and captivating bar experience:

- Personalising the bar's visual appearance: Customise the look and feel of your mobile bar to reflect your event's theme or your unique style. Consider elements such as colour schemes, signage, and lighting to create a visually appealing and harmonious bar area.

- Crafting signature drinks and cocktails: Collaborate with the mobile bar team to create signature drinks or cocktails that showcase your personality or event theme. Offering bespoke drinks options not only personalises your bar but can also be a conversation starter among your guests.

- Adding themed décor and accessories: Extend your event's theme into the mobile bar area by incorporating themed décor and accessories. This could include table settings, glassware, or even bespoke cocktail garnishes that complement your event design and add a touch of flair to the overall bar experience.

4. 1 Entertainment: Your Partner in Mobile Bar Hire and Event Management

Leveraging the expertise and support of 1 Entertainment for your mobile bar hire ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your guests:

- Professional mobile bar consultation and booking: The team at 1 Entertainment provides valuable industry knowledge and guidance when selecting the ideal mobile bar for your event. Trust in their experience to ensure your bar hire runs smoothly and contributes to your event's overall success.

- Expert guidance on selecting and customising your mobile bar: Benefit from the insight and advice of 1 Entertainment's specialists when choosing the type of mobile bar and customisation options that best fit your event needs. Their hands-on approach guarantees that your mobile bar will be an unmissable centrepiece of your event.

- Comprehensive event planning and management services: In addition to mobile bar hire, 1 Entertainment offers full event planning and management solutions. From coordinating an unforgettable drinks service to overseeing detailed logistics, their meticulous work ethic guarantees a flawless and unforgettable event experience.


Enhancing your event with a unique, customisable mobile bar creates an unforgettable and engaging atmosphere for your guests. Trust in the expertise and services provided by 1 Entertainment, along with the tips and suggestions offered in this guide, to create the perfect mobile bar experience for your celebration. 

Customise your bar with various enticing options and enjoy its remarkable impact on your event's overall success, making an everlasting impression on you and your guests. Feel free to contact us for more information about our mobile bar for hire in London.