Designing an Unforgettable Marquee Wedding with 1 Entertainment

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 21 2023

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A marquee wedding combines romance, flexibility, and personalisation, providing nearly endless possibilities for couples to create their dream wedding venue. Whether set in the idyllic British countryside, a beautiful beach, or your own garden, marquee weddings offer the unique opportunity to design every aspect of your day, from the venue layout and style to the decorations and ambience. As a result, couples can craft a truly bespoke and unforgettable wedding experience.

1 Entertainment, the UK's number one entertainment company, specialises in providing comprehensive marquee solutions tailored to your wedding's unique requirements. With their diverse range of marquees and additional services, 1 Entertainment is dedicated to helping you create a captivating and seamless wedding experience that reflects your personal style and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of opting for a marquee wedding, guide you through choosing the perfect marquee from 1 Entertainment's offerings, and share expert tips on styling and decorating your marquee for a standout wedding celebration. Moreover, we will outline the comprehensive wedding solutions provided by 1 Entertainment, emphasising the importance of their expertise in ensuring the success of your marquee wedding. 

With the support and guidance of 1 Entertainment's professional team, you can confidently plan and execute your dream marquee wedding, crafting an unparalleled experience and creating everlasting memories.

Advantages of a Marquee Wedding

A marquee wedding presents numerous benefits that can enhance the overall experience of your special day. Here are some essential advantages worth considering:

  • Unique and personalised wedding venue: A marquee provides a blank canvas that lets you fully customise your wedding venue, creating a bespoke atmosphere that aligns with your vision. This level of personalisation allows you to craft a one-of-a-kind experience that embodies your style and personality.
  • Flexibility in sizing and layout: Marquees can be adjusted to accommodate various guest counts, layouts, and venue requirements. This flexibility ensures you can create an ideal space that suits your specific needs, whether hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration.
  • Seamless integration with indoor and outdoor spaces: Marquee weddings enable you to take advantage of the picturesque surroundings while still providing shelter from the unpredictable British weather. This harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces allows you and your guests to enjoy the best of both worlds during your wedding festivities.

Choosing the Perfect Marquee for Your Wedding

Selecting the right marquee is crucial to achieving your desired wedding atmosphere. Consider the following factors when deciding on a marquee style from 1 Entertainment's offerings:

  • Varieties of marquees offered by 1 Entertainment: 1 Entertainment offers various marquee options to suit diverse wedding styles. From traditional pole marquees to elegant clearspan structures, explore the choices to find the perfect fit for your vision.
  • Assessing size and style: Ensure you choose a marquee size that can comfortably accommodate your guest count, considering elements such as dining tables, a dancefloor, and additional event spaces. Moreover, consider the marquee's style and how it complements your chosen wedding theme and location.
  • Creating a conducive atmosphere: Work with 1 Entertainment to explore different marquee configurations and design elements, such as entranceways, ceiling drapes, or lighting, to craft an inviting and memorable atmosphere within your chosen structure.

Tips for Styling and Decorating Your Marquee

Transform your marquee into a stunning wedding venue by implementing exceptional styling and decor:

  • Choosing a wedding theme and colour scheme: Begin by selecting a cohesive theme and colour scheme that showcases your personal style. This foundation ensures every aspect of your marquee wedding, from florals to furniture, remains harmonious and visually appealing.
  • Integrating lighting and event design elements: Thoughtfully chosen lighting can significantly impact the atmosphere within your marquee. Consult with 1 Entertainment to explore various lighting options, such as fairy lights, chandeliers, or coloured uplighting, to create a captivating space that enhances your wedding theme.
  • Transforming the marquee into a memorable wedding venue: Add personality and flair to your marquee through carefully chosen décor elements, such as table centrepieces, chair sashes, or unique lounge areas. Collaborate with 1 Entertainment to design a captivating wedding venue that reflects your vision and impresses your guests.

Comprehensive Wedding Solutions with 1 Entertainment

Enhance your marquee wedding experience by incorporating additional services provided by 1 Entertainment:

  • DJ and dancefloor services for remarkable receptions: Complement your marquee wedding with 1 Entertainment's professional DJ and dancefloor services, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for your reception. Their expert DJs and diverse dancefloor options guarantee an unforgettable celebration.
  • Custom bar hire for a seamless wedding experience: Integrate 1 Entertainment's custom bar hire solutions into your marquee, providing your guests with easy access to various delicious drinks. This added convenience contributes to a seamless and enjoyable wedding experience for all.
  • Expert wedding planning and management: Trust in 1 Entertainment's wedding planning and management services to coordinate and oversee every element of your marquee wedding, ensuring a smooth and successful event. Their dedicated team will guide you through every step, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Ensuring the Success of Your Marquee Wedding with 1 Entertainment

1 Entertainment provides comprehensive event solutions designed to create your dream marquee wedding:

  • One-stop solutions for all your wedding needs: From marquees and event planning to DJs and bar hire, 1 Entertainment offers a complete range of services that simplifies and streamlines the wedding planning experience.
  • Trusted industry experts in entertainment and event management: With their extensive experience and exceptional reputation, 1 Entertainment is a reliable partner in creating an extraordinary marquee wedding that exceeds your expectations.
  • A dedicated team committed to creating perfect wedding experiences: The team at 1 Entertainment is passionate about helping couples create their dream wedding, providing expert guidance and support throughout the planning process and the day itself.


A marquee wedding presents a unique opportunity to design a bespoke and unforgettable celebration tailored to your desires. With 1 Entertainment's vast marquee offerings and additional event services, you can shape the perfect wedding experience that captivates your guests and leaves lasting memories. Trust their expertise, commitment to excellence, and unwavering dedication to create a truly exceptional marquee wedding in Kent that surpasses even your wildest dreams.