3 Decorating Ideas for Beautiful Wedding Tables

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Nov 14 2021

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When it comes to weddings, there are endless things to obsess about! From the flowers to the wedding dress, nearly every tiny detail related to your wedding day is crucial, ensuring that your vision is perfectly realised. However, besides the wedding aisle runner, invitations, and the guest list, you must also focus on how the tables in your reception will look!


Why You Should Decorate the Wedding Table

The decor is an essential aspect of your wedding! As among the most noticeable attractions of your special day, they will set the occasion’s atmosphere, accentuate the venue and the ceremony, and create the right mood for your wedding. As such, the reception tables should reflect the motif of your entire wedding, complementing the overall theme.

Since your guests will most likely be staying seated for most of the reception, their tables might as well have incredible decorations and centrepieces to look at. Sure, the seating arrangement is crucial to your guests’ enjoyment, but the decor plays a key role just as any other aspect of your wedding.


The Best Table Decoration Ideas

When planning your reception, hiring a wedding DJ, creating a menu, and coming up with a playlist may be at the top of your to-do list, but you mustn’t forget about the table decorations! More than anything else, your guests will be sitting in front of a table for most of the night. As such, you might as well have something pretty to look at.

With the wide selection of floral arrangements, centrepiece designs, and cloth types, it can be overwhelming to figure out which suits your wedding motif. To help you come up with beautiful wedding table decor, we’ve compiled the best decor ideas! Read on below to learn what they are:


Add a Candelabra

A candelabra is a perfect decoration to add a touch of classic elegance! Besides providing the wow factor to your wedding decoration, their tall stature makes it easy for guests to hold a conversation across the table. 

The best thing about candelabras is that they come in different finishes to suit all wedding styles! Depending on the theme of your wedding, you could go for either metallic or painted candelabras. No matter how you decorate your candelabra, it’s sure to create a romantic and elegant ambience.


Adorn With Plants

Of course, no wedding can be without beautiful blooms—they liven up the venue by adding colour and texture and setting the right mood. However, flowers aren’t the only natural resource you could use to beautify your wedding. Why not add greenery to your wedding tables, too?

Besides being a cost-effective option, potted plants are also a beautiful addition to your wedding decorations. You can be adventurous with your plants, playing with different heights and pots.


Decorate With a Runner

The wedding aisle isn’t the only place that could use a runner—tables can also benefit from a sequin tablecloth, a garland of foliage, or a hand-woven fabric! A table runner is perfect for adding a bit of flair and distinction to the table decor.



A wedding reception can’t be without beautiful table decor! Of course, you and your guests would be hitting the dance floor through the night. Still, you’ll also be seated for a while, so the tables must look as incredible as the other wedding decorations. As long as you decorate the tables and the rest of the venue well, you’re sure to have a memorable wedding ceremony and reception!

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