5 Decorating Ideas For Designing a Birthday Party Marquee

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 08 2022

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Traditionally, a kid’s birthday party happens at home—it consists of the celebrant’s family and a few friends. However, families nowadays allow their children to experience throwing a party outside their homes around their friends from school and some family members. 

Party planners say it’s best to decorate a birthday party venue with traditional decorations. However, it should not stop at balloons and party streamers. Therefore, here are some decoration ideas for people designing a birthday party marquee for the first time.

1. Maximise Color Blocking

The use of one colour with a variation of shades is the best way to go—it requires less effort to decorate. It is best to choose colours depending on the celebrant’s theme for the party. For example, if the celebrant’s favourite is Barbie, use pink, purple, white and black colours for the centrepieces and the hanging decorations. Colour blocking means using a variety of colours to create a range of different effects. It can be used in the decoration of a birthday party marquee. 

2. Use Plants as Decoration

Plant decorations are cheap, but they are also available in general merchandise stores. People can use flowers as centrepieces and decorations. There are different kinds of flowers to choose from.

Meanwhile, florists also provide flower decorations such as tablecloths and flower arrangements. You can also use some plants at the back of the birthday party marquee. Another great idea is to add some artificial plants and flowers to the tables. Or, use real ones. However, if you add natural plants to the table, it is advisable to use a stand to support them.

3. Play with Lights

The use of lights is an excellent idea when planning a birthday party marquee. It makes the place look more lively, giving a crowd the feel of a mini-movie set. It can also be used as decoration and to brighten the room. People can add some in a corner or along the wall.

Lights are essential for any party. The lights for a party can be the primary source of light, or it can accent the main source of light. If you use lights as an accent, place the lighting above each table.

4. Follow a Theme

Theme parties are prevalent, but they are also popular, especially among children. Children can have a lot of fun with different themes. They can also be very creative with it. Some partygoers enjoy themed parties, and others do not. But, if you are planning a birthday party marquee and would like to have a themed party, then here are some ideas.

5. Incorporate the Celebrant's Interests

When designing a birthday party marquee, it is essential to consider the celebrant’s hobbies, favourite things, and interests. For example, if the celebrant’s favourite sport is basketball, you could use basketball as a theme for the decorations and the centrepieces. You could also use basketball balloons and add accessories such as basketball cutouts and other sports items.


The layout of a birthday party marquee depends on the size of the room. A birthday party marquee in a small room will differ from one in a large room. Meanwhile, the decorations of a birthday party marquee also depend on the celebrant’s age. One can choose to throw a birthday party marquee indoors or outdoors. It is advisable to use a marquee outside if a large crowd is coming to attend the event.

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