6 Crucial Things to Look for When Booking a Wedding DJ

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 04 2023

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Music is crucial to creating an enchanting and joyful atmosphere for the couple and their guests, whether it's a romantic ballad during the ceremony, a lively beat during the reception, or a first dance song. The right tunes set the tone for the event and create an unforgettable experience. It can also evoke emotions and memories that will last a lifetime.

Hiring a wedding DJ is one of the best ways to create something memorable during your big day. However, that only works when you work with a reputable one. The best choice will be flexible, has excellent communication skills, a pleasing personality, and shows evidence of experience.

If you're ready to go all out for your big day, this article will enumerate what to look for when booking a professional wedding DJ. 

1. Written and Verbal Communication Skills 

Your relatives have probably told you that good communication is vital to a successful marriage. The same goes for finding a great wedding DJ. A reputable performer will openly and honestly communicate with you, discussing what you can expect and presenting various options. Also, they must fully understand wedding entertainment and feel comfortable discussing all the necessary details.

Moreover, a great DJ will even excel at communicating with you and your guests during your special day. They will set the right atmosphere through the music and announcements they play, ensuring that everyone is happy and entertained throughout the wedding.

2. Experience and Reviews

When looking for a wedding DJ, ensure they have the right experience and client reviews. Look for videos of previous gigs and examples of what they can provide. Also, check their playlists from past weddings.

Ask the entertainer about their previous wedding experience, how long they have been working, if they DJ weddings full-time, and how these professionals have previously handled issues. You should also inquire about how they entertain guests while maintaining the event's flow, their training and work history, why they enjoy hosting weddings, and if they have client reviews to support their experience. 

3. Personality

When choosing a DJ for your wedding, consider their personality and fashion sense to ensure they match your wedding style. A good emcee will focus on enhancing your experience and not promoting themselves. Also, discuss with them beforehand whether you want them to be interactive or laid back, and decide on their setup and presence.

4. Flexibility

A great DJ for your wedding reception should be flexible to adjust to your day's needs. They should be open to playlist suggestions and be able to play memorable request songs for important moments like the first dance, parent dances, and cutting the cake.

When hiring an entertainer for your big day, discuss their flexibility during unforeseen circumstances and their ability to adapt to changes in schedule or venue. A good DJ will have a plan for any mishaps that may occur on your special day.

5. Availability 

Having an available wedding DJ for your big day is essential, so you should find one as early as possible since others usually book the best options months, or even a year, in advance. 

Find a DJ who guarantees their availability with a contract and check reviews to ensure they don't have double-booking issues. A good DJ will ensure you don't have any last-minute problems on your wedding day.

6. Location 

Before booking a DJ for your big day, ensure they can travel to your location and are flexible with any changes. Understand their travel limits and any associated costs. A great DJ can set up at various locations and provide the necessary equipment.


A DJ can help you create a memorable wedding day, but that only works when you hire the right one. You can set the right atmosphere and make a comfortable experience for everyone by asking the candidate the right questions, ensuring they have a pleasing personality, and checking their credentials. 

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