7 Easy Yet Creative Wedding Themes You Can Choose From

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 20 2022

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vintage wedding theme

A wedding marks a new chapter for any couple because it marks the start of a lifelong commitment and a new life together. For this reason, marrying couples take their time and pour money when planning their wedding because they want it to be perfect, including finding the right venue, the best outfits, and deciding on the menu. Before all of this, however, most couples decide on the wedding theme first.

The theme is vital to any wedding because it sets the tone for the entire event. It helps to make the wedding unique and special and allows the couple to express their personalities and style. However, choosing a wedding theme is often tricky because there are many choices, and the couple may not always agree. To help you with this, here are some of the most common wedding themes to choose from:

#1 - Pastel Colour Wedding Theme

A pastel colour wedding theme is light, airy, and romantic. This theme is perfect for those who want a classic and timeless wedding. Choose shades of pink, blue, and yellow for a soft, dreamy atmosphere. You can also add sparkle and shine with decorations such as hanging crystals, candles, and lanterns.

For the decorations, you can use a variety of flowers, fabrics, and textures to create a unique look. You can also bring in elements such as vases, tablecloths, and other decors to give your wedding a touch of nostalgia.

#2 - Vintage Wedding Theme

A vintage wedding theme is perfect for couples who want to capture the romance of the past. Choose a muted colour palette, such as ivory, blush, and lavender. Decorations should include vintage elements such as lace, pearls, and velvet. Incorporate vintage furniture, tableware, and lighting to create a romantic atmosphere.

You can also bring modern touches, such as metallic accents and geometric shapes, to give your vintage wedding a unique twist. For the flowers, choose roses and peonies for a classic look. Finish off the look with a few vintage-inspired wedding favours, such as tea tins and trinkets.

#3 - 1920s Wedding Theme

A vintage wedding is one thing, but the aesthetic of the 1920s is on a whole other level. This decade was known for its glamour and sophistication, making it a great time to draw inspiration for your wedding. For your colour palette, wear black and gold for a classic look. Use art deco elements such as geometric shapes and metallic accents for decorations.

Regarding the dress code, think flapper dresses and tuxedos for the ladies and gents, respectively. You can choose classic dishes such as oysters and Beef Wellington for food. If you want to be extra, hire a live jazz band to bring the era to life to make the event even more special.

#4 - Rose Gold Wedding Theme

Rose gold is a romantic and whimsical colour for a wedding theme. Start by decorating your venue with rose gold linens, table runners, and napkins. Use rose gold sequin tablecloths and plenty of candles to create a warm atmosphere for the tables. You can also hang rose gold paper lanterns or crystal chandeliers to add a touch of glamour to the space.

For the bridal party, pick rose gold dresses for the bridesmaids, and a rose gold tuxedo for the groom. As for the cake, choose a white and rose gold cake with floral accents to make it even prettier. Give your guests rose gold gifts such as jewellery boxes, keychains, or even mini bottles of rose gold champagne.

#5 - Rustic Wedding Theme

A rustic wedding theme is perfect for couples who want to embrace the beauty of nature and celebrate their nuptials in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Start by decorating the venue with natural elements such as wooden chairs, burlap table runners, and mason jar centrepieces. Hang twinkling fairy lights to create a magical ambience.

For the wedding attire, the bride can wear a flowing lace dress, and the groom can opt for a light-coloured suit. Serve a traditional meal on wooden platters and use vintage china for the plates. As for the cake, you can choose a rustic-style cake with a floral or burlap design. For wedding favours, you can give mini mason jars, wooden spoons, or even a bottle of locally-made wine.

#6 - Festival-Themed Wedding

A festival-themed wedding is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their nuptials in a fun and lively atmosphere. Start by decorating the venue with colourful flags, balloons, and streamers. Have a stage set up for a live band, and provide food trucks for guests to enjoy.

For the wedding attire, the bride can wear a whimsical dress with a flower crown, and the groom can opt for a casual look with a bright-coloured shirt and suspenders. Serve finger foods such as mini burgers and tacos, and provide various beverages for guests. You can also set up a photo booth with fun props for guests to take pictures.

#7 - Pop Culture Wedding

If you and your beloved like pop culture and want to celebrate your wedding uniquely, consider a pop culture-themed wedding. Start by setting up decorations that feature your favourite characters, shows and films. You can also have a custom cake topper with a movie or TV show logo.

For the wedding attire, the bride can wear a dress inspired by her favourite character or show, and the groom can wear a custom-made suit or tuxedo with the same theme. Serve snacks and drinks inspired by your favourite characters and shows, such as a Harry Potter-themed cocktail or a Star Wars-themed buffet. You can give out customised mugs, t-shirts, or keychains of your favourite characters for wedding favours.


A wedding is a special day for the couple, so it must be unique and memorable to create lasting memories. Because there are many themes available, it's only a matter of finding one that fits the couple's interests and personalities. All that matters is that the couple enjoys the day and celebrates their love with their family and friends.

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