Creating The Perfect Wedding Reception

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 23 2020

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The Perfect 1 Entertainment Wedding Reception

Most couples assume that the wedding ceremony is the most important part of their wedding day. However, the quality of the wedding reception is what really determines if everyone has a great time and

To help you throw the perfect wedding reception, here are some essential tips we’ve collected over the past decade. If you have any questions, feel free to contact 1 Entertainment by calling 0207 193 8029.


Choose The Right Reception Venue

With so many potential wedding venues being available in the UK, you might think that finding the right one would be easy — but that’s not always the case. To make the process of finding a venue easier, here is a short list of considerations to keep in mind:


Is the venue available when you need it?
This consideration will immediately narrow down your list of potential venues. Check which dates are still open at each prospective venue early on.

Is the venue big enough to hold your guests?
Although this seems like a no-brainer, some couples don’t appreciate how much room they need for their guests. The venue should be able to give you a rough indication of how many guests it can accommodate, but you should also measure the venue and consider how much space your table arrangement may require.

Will it match your wedding’s theme?
If you have already chosen a theme for your wedding, think about how well it works with the venue’s location, architecture, and ambiance.

Does it have the facilities you require?
You may require a kitchen, a bar, wheelchair access, a certain number of bathrooms, dressing rooms and other facilities.

Is the location of the venue ideal?
Will guests be able to find the venue easily? If some guests are traveling to the wedding, is the venue close to a local airport, motorway, or train station? Is there enough on site parking for your guests?

Can alcohol be served on the premises?
A surprising number of venues advertised as being wedding reception venues do not have an alcohol license. If this is the case, you will need to hire a mobile bar if you intend to serve alcoholic drinks.


Create A Seating Plan Focussed On Fun

There are several advantages to having a wedding seating plan. The main advantage being that you can seat people in a way that maximises their enjoyment of the event. Here are a few tips for doing so:


• Seat young people near the dance floor (they’ll be the first to get up and dance)

• Place older relatives together. They’ll be laughing and reminiscing before you know it

• Have a kid’s table which is decorated in a fun way

• Give the parents of the bride and groom a prime position


Choose An Entertainment Option That All Guests Can Enjoy

Choosing an entertainer for a wedding reception can be difficult, especially if you have a diverse group of guests in attendance. If you do opt for a musical option, look for a performer who is versatile enough to perform different styles of music. This will ensure that all guests enjoy themselves at some point throughout the event.


You could also consider having multiple performers. Perhaps a string quartet for the beginning of the wedding reception, followed by a DJ for when the party takes off.


Design A Menu That Guests Will Be Comfortable With

Over the years, we have seen a wide variety of dishes served at wedding receptions. They have ranged from simple homemade meals through to multi-course dinners prepared by world class chefs.


In most cases, guests have preferred foods that they are familiar with. If your guests enjoy simple wholesome meals, serve this style of cuisine at your reception. Avoid making the meals unnecessarily complex and focus on serving food that your guests will find delicious.


Grazing tables are an interesting and increasingly popular option at wedding receptions. They are large tables packed with a wide range of foods. Each guest can create their own plate, consisting of the foods they enjoy. Grazing tables can be visually impressive, are enjoyed by guests, and require less work as servers won’t need to walk to every table.


Think About Lightning

Lighting has a dramatic impact on the ambience of a room and can change the mood of attendees. Look for clever ways to improve the lighting at your venue, so it matches your wedding’s theme more effectively. Use coloured LEDs for modern events or string up some candelabras for a more elegant wedding theme. Candles are also wonderful for creating a more romantic and intimate ambience in a room. Check out this useful guidefor additional wedding lighting ideas.


Include Some Fun Wedding Reception Activities

The types of activities that take place at wedding receptions has dramatically changed over the past decade. It’s now common for receptions to include:


• DIY cocktail bars

• Photo booths

• Bouncy castles for the kids

• Selfie mirrors

• Hot chocolate bars

• Desert tables

• Palm readers

• Games (Jenga, connect four, casino games)

• Candy floss machines

• Karaoke

• Ice cream stalls

• Street food and much more


These activities can make your wedding reception much more exciting and keep your guests busy.


Thanks for reading. Hopefully this article gave you a few ideas for making your wedding reception even better. If you need any further assistance, give us a call on 0207 193 8029.