Entertaining Corporate Event Themes Your Employees Will Love

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Nov 01 2022

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people singing karaoke

The ambiance, style, and scope of corporate gatherings vary greatly, so it’s great if you can organise a wide range of themes. Every business and setting can find something to suit its needs.

You have the world at your disposal if your event is social. Or at least it’s simpler to select a theme. On the other hand, consider using a different theme if you’re organising a formal event. This article has listed a few ideas below.

Fun Barbecue

People in the UK and Ireland yearn for a barbeque summer every year. Why not have a company BBQ if the weather is looking good? It’s a wonderful chance to relax and socialise while creating reports.

Karaoke Night

Why not throw a Karaoke party for a nice time and some great singing? You most likely already have the speaker, microphone, and screen projector that are required for the setup. 

If you don’t have these, renting them is a simple process. Just make sure you thoroughly test the technology first!

Murder-Mystery Event

In a murder mystery game, one partygoer assumes the role of a murderer in secret, and the other guests must figure out which of them committed the crime.

Although it takes some preparation, it is worthwhile! You can employ other companies to set up the game for you if you don’t have the time.

Alternatively, you could skip the game entirely and just base your celebration around your favourite murder/detective film.

Casino Event

What about throwing a party with a casino theme if you’re feeling lucky? Direct gambling with money is generally not advised. So have a one-time “buy-in” mechanism instead of using chips. The pot might then be divided among the evening’s winners.

Reward the victors and then donate the money to your preferred charity if you don’t want the evening to be about earning money. Everybody is content.


Why not organise an evening with a disco theme if you have some eager dancers on the crew? Since the focus is primarily on the music, it is a simple theme to set up. 

As a result, the venue just needs to do minimal preparation, and the visitors are free to dress appropriately or not.

Black Tie

Despite being extremely conventional, a formal clothing code is typically required for formal occasions. You can take anything out of context to give it a different spin and make it more entertaining.


Request that everyone attending the event show up in a mask. Masquerade balls are extremely distinctive because of their classic/vintage atmosphere.

Asking everyone to wear hats is an easy substitution for a masquerade ball. They won’t need to buy a nice mask because they probably already have one at home.


Halloween parties are a requirement if you’re throwing an event in October! It also has the unspoken advantage of entertaining both children and adults.

Movie-Themed Night

Get everyone to dress up as a character from a movie. You can pick a certain film, a whole series, or a subcategory like superhero movies.

Just be mindful that certain topics are more difficult to follow than others. Allow enough time for your visitors to get ready.


You have several important considerations to keep in mind while organising a business event that will truly impress your employees. Always choose a theme that will be both entertaining and informative. 

Make sure to book entertainment that is appropriate for your company culture. Also, don’t forget to add some personal touches to the event to make it truly memorable.

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