Corporate Event Packages: Benefits of Including Photo Booths

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 13 2023

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photo booth on corporate event

Business gatherings play a crucial role in any company and can influence the organisation in various ways. The effectiveness of these gatherings relies on multiple elements, with one key aspect being the experience of the participants. Many corporate event packages come with a photo booth, and it is essential to understand how it can impact the event. This article will explore the impact of photo booths on corporate events and the latest photo booth trends.

Photo Booths and Corporate Events

Photo booths are an excellent addition to corporate events as they offer a unique experience to attendees. They provide a fun and interactive way for guests to capture memories of the event. A photo booth can create a lasting impression on attendees, making it a memorable event. It also offers an opportunity for attendees to relax and have fun, which can improve their engagement with the event.

A key advantage of including a photo booth at a business gathering is encouraging participants to post their pictures on social media platforms. This can aid in expanding the event's visibility and impact. Attendees can tag the event's social media handles, which can help to promote the event further. The photos can also be used for future marketing campaigns, impacting the organisation's brand.

Another benefit of having a photo booth at a corporate event is that it can improve attendee participation. It provides an activity for attendees to engage in, which can keep them entertained and interested in the event. It can also create a sense of community among attendees as they bond over taking photos and sharing them online.

Photo Booth Trends

The photo booth industry is continuously evolving, and new trends are emerging every year. Here are some of the latest photo booth trends that are popular in the UK:

1. Green Screen Photo Booths

Green screen photo booths are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. These booths use green screens to create a background for the photos. Attendees can select from various customisable backgrounds that align with the event's theme, providing a distinctive and tailored experience for the guests.

2. GIF Photo Booths

GIF photo booths are also becoming popular in the UK. These booths take a series of photos that are then combined to create a GIF. Attendees can share these GIFs on social media, making them a great marketing tool for the event.

3. Mirror Photo Booths

Mirror photo booths are a new trend that is gaining popularity in the UK. These booths have a mirror that displays the guests' reflections, and they can take photos using the mirror. This creates a unique and interactive experience for the attendees.


A photo booth can have a significant impact on a corporate event. It provides attendees with a fun and interactive activity, encourages social media sharing and improves attendee participation. Photo booth trends are continuously evolving, and it's important to stay updated with the latest developments to offer a distinctive experience to attendees. When organising a corporate event, think about incorporating a photo booth into your event packages to leave a memorable impact on your guests.

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