Entertainment Essentials: Comparing Wedding DJs and Bands

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 06 2021

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Both performers have their pros and cons, so it's necessary to have an overview of what they can offer to your event.


Wedding organizers need to prepare for a wide range of logistical requirements. This includes looking for catering services, booking venue reservations, and confirming guest lists. With these three massive tasks to accomplish, you might forget one of the key components of a wedding: entertainment.


Weddings typically choose between a live band or a DJ to supplement the special occassion's entertainment. This is because music doesn't take up too much attention and can be great transitions between key segments. Both performers have their pros and cons, so it's necessary to have an overview of what they can offer to your event.


Why Should I Book a Live Wedding Band?

Live bands elicit an air of formality to your wedding. Additionally, you can book musicians that specialize in specific genres. Bands can have an assortment of musicians, from violinists to bongo players. This variety lets you coordinate your wedding's theme with your tracklist. You can create a wedding theme around the playful tunes of jazz and blues or amp up the sentimentality through love ballads. Some bands are also great at serving as your wedding's emcees, so it's practically a two-in-one purchase!


The most obvious drawback of live bands is their need for downtime. You can't expect a band to play music throughout your event, after all. Additionally, you'll have to add to the headcount of your guest list for feeding them. Since they need rest, you'll still need to play music from your phone during their breaks. 


Keep in mind that wedding bands can be substantially more costly, depending on their portfolio. If you want quality performers, you'll need to be ready to pay the costs.


So Do I Book a Wedding DJ Instead?

Contrary to popular belief, DJs aren't just people with a preset playlist who presses stop and play at a wedding. A lot of preparation comes with their work. Additionally, they must remain on their feet during the event itself. Since they're a one-man show, they need to seamlessly coordinate with the emcee to match the transitions between segments. This is necessary to match the mood accordingly, from the parents' solemn speeches to the maid of honour's friendly banter.


Although it's improbable, DJs can get in real trouble if the power to your venue suddenly dies. While you can still play music through a portable speaker, it may not be enough to cover a large venue. This is why live bands naturally have an advantage over DJs, especially if your wedding venue is at an unorthodox location like a beach or ranch.


Conclusion: Should I Book a Wedding Band or DJ?

Since every wedding will have a unique setup and motif, it's essential to consider the benefits of one over the other. While it's easy to compare the advantages of a live band to a DJ and vice versa, it's more important to account for the other variables of your event. 


This is why you need to ask the right questions before you commit to a specific performer: will you have a spacious area to accommodate a live band? Does your venue have the right equipment to handle a DJ's setup? Will you need to match your wedding's theme? Once you've cleared up these items in your checklist, you'll be ready to start your search for the proper wedding entertainment to book.


Thankfully, you don't have to look for a band or DJ by yourself. At 1 Entertainment, we provide a vast range of event planning solutions to handle your occasion’s logistical concerns. If you need quality wedding entertainment in London, book our world-class performers for your wedding today!