3 Common Qualities That the Best DJs Have: Our Guide

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 11 2021

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While there are many different developments that have taken place over the years and have become worth looking forward to, the evolution of the DJ is especially worth looking into.

Coming a long way from being people that merely pick songs to play on the radio, disc jockeys are now seen as multi-faceted entertainers with broad skill sets. Over the years, in fact, many DJs have become instrumental in breathing life into parties and elevating their atmospheres through their abilities on and off the turntables. 

Today, these entertainers are hired by families, corporations, event planners, and party specialists alike to give life to any kind of celebration or gathering. By now, you’ve probably looked into the whole idea of getting a DJ for your next event to spice things up and ensure that your guests and celebrants are going to have a great time. But with so many performers to choose from and hire, you must pick someone who stands out for the right reasons. So, what are the qualities you should watch out for? 

Common Qualities The Best DJs Have

If you want to ensure that your event has the best entertainment possible, then you’re definitely sold on the idea of hiring a DJ for the day. Considering that you’ll have many options to choose from at any given time, it pays to know what you should look for when choosing between performers if you want your money’s worth!

To help ensure that you select the best option for your event’s needs, here are some key qualities to consider when searching around: 


A Passion For Performing

The best DJs are passionate performers by heart. This is why it pays to search for professionals that have the same trait deeply rooted within them.

When you have a performer who has a deep passion for what they do, you’re working with someone that has put in the necessary hours to refine their skills and know their craft. Over time, these accumulated investments of studio time, exposure, studying, and self-motivation all create a DJ that’s going to perform with their heart and soul and keep crowds entertained!

Communication Capabilities

Another key factor that sets great disc jockeys apart from subpar ones is the ability to communicate. Generally, the concept of communication in the context of DJ-ing extends to two paths: 


1. Getting In Touch With Clients and Mapping Out Plans: At the end of the day, DJs are hired—which means that people pay good money for them and expect to have a professional working relationship. In response to this, professionals who pride themselves on being called as such make it a point to communicate with event planners regarding important details and keep them posted on other matters.

2. Interacting With Crowds: Another manifestation of proper communication skills possessed by DJs can be best seen in the way they interact with crowds. A performer’s ability to interact with everyone from the stage and have them hyped or happy is often a mark of their quality as an entertainer because that’s what they’re hired to do!

An Undeniable Uniqueness

If you were to take a crowd of DJs and single out which ones you should hire, you’d most likely pick performers that stand out because of how unique they are.

Whether it’s in the form of remarkable party favours, amazing music selections, or a refreshing ability to play hype man and record scratcher simultaneously, uniqueness is something that DJs use to their advantage. When you look at 1 Entertainment’s assortment of performers, you’ll notice that our professionals are well aware of their individualities and work hard to bring them out better! 



To anyone who wants the best for their event or large gathering, having a DJ perform front and center is an opportunity that can never be overlooked—but it’s made even better when the right performer is hired. By watching out for the key traits mentioned above, you’ll be able to easily sift through an assortment of options and ensure that you hire the best disc jockey! 

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