5 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right DJ for Your Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 01 2022

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When you hire a professional DJ to perform at your event, you're getting a lot more than just a guy who can spin some records. You're paying a guy to be THE event. The DJ will help dictate the pace of your event, play the right music and orchestrate different sets of moods according to your program. 

They are responsible for a big part of your guests' experience, and your choice of DJ can make or break your event. Before you book one, try checking out these tips on how to choose the right DJ:

1. Start with Your Budget

The first thing you should do when considering hiring a DJ is figure out how much you can afford to spend. If you don't have a quote in mind, you won't know what is or isn't affordable. Great DJ may be pricier, but it's worth paying them for the responsibilities and role they'll be playing on your big event.

2. Check Your Schedules

Are they available on your date? Will they be available for a few hours before your event for a soundcheck, or will they only be available for a short amount of time? After your budget, the next thing you should consider is the DJ's availability and schedule. It's frustrating to find the right performer and then finding out you were too late in booking them.

3. Define Your Destination

Before you even begin looking for a DJ, you should have a good idea of what kind of event you're throwing and what kind of music you expect the DJ to play. This helps you eliminate the DJs who won't be able to deliver your vision or meet your expectations. This also helps narrow down your list of choices.

4. Get to Know Their Music Library

Some of the most important factors to look into when choosing a DJ are their music library, music selection, and song selection. A good DJ will have a massive music collection consisting of thousands of songs, and if you are looking for a specific song, that should be no issue. Try asking them for demos of tracks that they believe will fit your theme.

5. Discuss the Equipment Setup

Coordinate with your DJ regarding equipment. It's essential to know what equipment they have access to. Does your DJ have their own audio equipment, or will you need a separate supplier? If you're also getting your DJ to MC, make sure the mic is of high quality. You wouldn't want mic feedback and voices cutting out mid-sentence.


Ultimately, the decision to hire a DJ is wholly dependent on you and your event. The more in-depth and detailed you can be, the easier it will be to find a DJ who can provide you with what you need and what you want. Just be sure to do a thorough check of their work and your plans to ensure you don't run into any problems. Once you're sure, have faith in your performer, and remember to have a good time!

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