How to Choose the Right Photo Booth for Your Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 22 2022

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In recent years, we saw photo booths become a fixture in parties. Party planners say it has even replaced the traditional photographer in celebrations because it is less stiff. Photo booths also come in with several fun accessories. 

For more than a decade, the photo booth is now a given in any function. What type would work best for your party, especially since there are several options to choose from? Do not fret because we have your back! All you need to do is to continue reading this article.

What Photo Booths Are Available?

You would be astounded that the photo booth idea started early 20th century. It had a physical structure where you and your buddy could get your photo. Things have evolved, and you can now choose several options, namely:

Mirrors: AKA Magic Mirror, Selfie Mirror, Mirror Me Booth, Mirror Mirror

Enclosed: AKA Traditional booth, Curtain Booth, Photo Booth, Bench Booth

Pod: AKA Selfie Tower, Right light, Arc Booth, Lite Booth, Retro Pod, Aura, Lumio

What Is the Best Booth for You?

It would be best to have the party planners set up the photo booth for you. They understand the concept that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It will prompt them to look for the perfect type for your event and not just settle for the most popular. With that said, let us tackle the pros and cons of each type.


This type provides your guests to see others enjoying the experience. Party planners will recommend this if a large crowd is gathered and offers a fairytale experience. Here are a few benefits of choosing this kind of photo booth:

  • Large groups
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Open for guests to see
  • Normally high-quality DSLR

Like anything else in life, the mirror booth also has disadvantages. Here are some of them:

  • Needs a good understanding of photography
  • Difficult to control lighting
  • Offer higher price tag
  • Needs crowd control

If you have a big group event and have a higher budget for the party, you should go for a magic selfie mirror hire. But if you have a more intimate gathering, the next option may suit you better.

With this option, you may look for a photo booth attendant who has some experience with photography. Doing so will prevent any blurry or discoloured images. 


This photo booth presents a nostalgic return to childhood. If you choose this option, your age will become a number because silliness ensues once the curtain is closed. Here are a few benefits of choosing this one:

  • Privacy
  • Contained for better crowd control
  • Controlled lighting for a better photo
  • Appeals to all ages

Here are its disadvantages:

  • Limited group numbers
  • Guests do not see the previous groups having fun
  • It does not always suit the venue

Party planners recommend this option for those intimate gatherings with attendees at varying age ranges. Before anything, you should inform the suppliers about the venue. Doing this will ensure that the photo booth will blend with the overall theme. 


Pictures capture memories—may it be a candid shot or a formal one. Having a photo booth will help you relive every fun aspect of the event. 

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