How to Choose the Perfect Linen Colors for Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 08 2022

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You want a memorable and successful wedding. Therefore you need to take care of even the smallest details, from the floor plans and seating arrangements to menu selections, from decor to wedding linen colors. While choosing your wedding linen colors doesn't seem complicated, the process is, in fact, a vast and complex one.

Whether you’re going to have a wedding in a marquee venue in London or in a huge ballroom, you’ll want to choose a color scheme for your wedding because it will set the tone for the whole wedding:

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Linen Colors

Get Inspiration Online

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for your wedding day palette. Start with a general color you want to match, like red or blue, and then do a search for that color. You'll see a wide range of wedding attire and decorations, from flowers to bridesmaids' dresses, in all the different shades of that color.

This will help you make decisions about your own wedding. For example, if you decide the green color you found is too dark, you can look for one that's more vibrant and suits your taste better. A wedding planner can also help you find wedding linen colors that are right for you.

Consider Your Theme or Decor

Another way to find wedding linen colors is to consider the theme of the wedding. How do you want your wedding to be as a whole? Are you looking for a formal or elegant wedding? A rustic or vintage-style wedding?

When you’ve chosen the wedding theme, you can choose the colors that will highlight the event. The color of the bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths for the reception, or the floral arrangements will then be an extension of your theme. Just remember that your wedding theme is a guide, not an absolute requirement.

Have Some Accent Colors

If you’re planning an elegant wedding with a few pops of color, you’ll want other colors to look at. It’s best to have colors that stand out and make a statement but don’t overpower the other colors.

Your accent colors can be used in floral arrangements, table linens, or in your wedding cake. Decide on your colors for these items and make sure they complement each other well. You don’t want them to look too busy or disjointed.

Choose Colors Suitable to the Venue

Keep in mind the venue of your wedding when choosing your wedding linen colors. A beach wedding, for example, is often associated with bright, vivid colors like orange, coral, and turquoise, while an industrial-themed wedding can rely on darker colors, like grey or navy blue. Make sure the colors you choose make sense for the venue.

Consider Seasonal Colors

Another great way to find wedding linen colors is to consider what colors are popular during the time of year of your wedding. For example, you want your colors to fit the season of the year, or the colors of the season can help you decide on colors you like.

For example, if you want a winter wedding, you can go with white or colors like red or purple, which is often associated with winter weddings. Some colors are more popular at different times of the year, and you should also consider colors that look good in that season.


What color you choose for your wedding day is important because it will be the first impression of your wedding. It will also have a long-lasting impact on your guests. Choose a color that stands out and suits the event’s theme or venue. You don't have to stick to a color scheme, but it can be an excellent guide. If you need, you can consult with seasoned party planners in London.

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