Chocolate Fountains: A Few Helpful Tips for Setting Up

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 30 2022

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Everybody loves chocolate fountains. It's a fun, welcome addition to most parties and events because they're always a pleasant sight to behold and a delicious treat to consume. However, the thought of setting up the fountain can be a little intimidating.

Here are helpful tips to assist you with getting your chocolate fountain up and running so that you can spend your time enjoying the party instead of constantly fixing tools and ingredients.

1. Don't Place Your Fountain by the Air Conditioning

Don't set the fountain next to your air conditioner. It will cause the fudge to harden up and ruin the viscosity. Try to put a little distance between your chocolate fountain and any cooling systems in the vicinity.

2. Preheat Your Fountain

Letting your empty chocolate fountain sit in an air-conditioned room is ill-advised. You need it heated and ready so that when you put the chocolate in, it will run smooth and molten throughout the event. Check your machine's heating settings to know how early before the event you have to start preheating.

3. Choose the Right Chocolate

If you want a fountain that runs smoothly and tastes great, go for chocolates high in cocoa butter content. It will give you an excellent viscosity to work with and a gorgeous sheen to your fountain. It also offers your guests a delicious taste that goes well with finger pastries.

4. Have a Supervisor Ready

For safety purposes, it's best to have a supervisor in charge of the chocolate fountain. This person is usually the one who will either be in charge of filling the fountain with chocolates or pouring them in. The supervisor is also in charge of making sure the fountain runs smoothly, pours the right amount of chocolate, and manages hygiene throughout the event.

5. Pay Close Attention to Hygiene

Keeping the fountain and the surrounding areas tidy is the most important piece of advice we can give. Ensure clean hands for guests who'd like to try the fountain by providing hand-sanitising areas. You can also provide instructions for decorum with strategically-placed cards and signs around the fountain.

6. Choose the Right Treats

Choose treats that are delicious and easy to grab: no forks or toothpicks! Pastries and breadsticks are great for chocolate fountain treats, but you can also opt for cookies, strawberries, and marshmallows. Though it's best to avoid crumbly, loose, and wet treats for hygienic purposes.

7. Have a Topping Station

Have a toppings station nearby, where guests can go to grab whatever topping they'd like to add to their chocolate-covered treat. Mini-marshmallows, sprinkles, and nuts are a quick go-to for these stations. This way, guests can enjoy a variety of snacks beyond the fountain itself.


A lot goes into planning the perfect party. Chocolate fountains are fun and easy to set up, and they're an obvious choice for injecting some excitement into your event. Keep these essential points in mind, and you'll surely put together an unforgettable chocolate experience for your guests.

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