Making a Chocolate Fountain Centrepiece for Your Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 15 2022

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If you’re having a couple of guests over at home for a party, keeping them entertained and happy is your job as the host. Keeping the food and drinks flowing should be enough, but why stop there? If you really want to impress your guests, then putting a chocolate fountain as the centrepiece of your party will work wonders for you. Whether you just want to hang out with friends or you’re celebrating a special occasion, nothing beats having a chocolate fountain for your party. Here’s how to do it.

Get the Supplies You Need

You will need the chocolate fountain, of course, but before you go out and buy one, you need to make sure you have all the supplies ready. That includes the food and sweets you want to use. You'll need a plethora of different things your guests can dip on the chocolate fountain.

Now, the possibilities are endless when it comes to iced treats. Here are some snack ideas you can try:

Fruit - The intense sweetness of chocolate goes well with the tanginess of fruit. You can pick out great fruits like berries, kiwifruit, grapes, watermelon and more. Bananas can also add an excellent level of creaminess to the fountain.

Pretzels - This one is a little more expensive than the others, but it’s worth it. By cutting the pretzels into smaller pieces, you can give your party guests more dips without them getting bored.

Marshmallows - Marshmallows are great when used with the chocolate fountain as they are sweet and soft, making them perfect for dipping. In fact, you can use marshmallows as a tasty way to start off your party.

However, before you go crazy with marshmallows, remember that they can get a little messy once you dip them into the hot melted chocolate from your fountain. So, be sure to prepare some plates and forks to minimize the mess.

Liquorice - These sweet, chewy treats are a great match for the chocolate fountain. If you're serving alcohol, you can also cut them into pieces and make them into a lovely dessert also called “the black forest.”

Cookies - You can use any kind of cookies, as long as they are cut into small pieces to fit the height of the chocolate fountain. Use whichever cookie recipe you prefer, just make sure that you have a lot of them.

Buy or Rent a Chocolate Fountain

Now that you have the supplies, it’s time to go out and find a chocolate fountain. As with any product, there are different kinds of fountains available, giving you a wide range of different prices.

You can rent a chocolate fountain from speciality stores if you are going to be using it once. If you’re just having a party and are not sure whether or not you want to rent one, you can buy one instead. Just make sure to check out several reviews about the fountain to ensure you are getting the best product for your money.

Use Quality Chocolate for the Fountain

One rule of using a chocolate fountain is choosing the right chocolate. You want something that melts easily and won’t leave any grains on your guests’ fingers. The best choice is using chocolate with a high cocoa butter content. The ideal level is no less than 40% cocoa. The higher the cocoa butter, the smoother the chocolate will be. Avoid chocolate with very little cocoa butter.

If you prefer to make your own chocolate, try mixing it with other ingredients, like nuts and honey. You can also create your own chocolate fountain from chocolate syrups.

Dip It, Eat It, and Repeat

Now that you have all the basics down, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy watching your party guests enjoy themselves. A chocolate fountain is a great way to make your party fun, especially if you are planning a special occasion. It's a great conversation piece, and everyone loves chocolate. As long as you have plenty of food and drinks, your party will be a success!

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