5 Key Things to Consider When Booking a Wedding Singer

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 11 2022

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Weddings are the beginning of something memorable, so it’s important to have every task fulfilled and detail perfected. When your big day of saying “I do” to the person you love comes, you simply want the best accompaniment all throughout those hours. Finding the right wedding musician is important to ensure that you’re hitting all the right notes.

Although there are plenty available for you to choose from, it’s important to make a couple of key considerations before booking a wedding singer. Here’s what you should have on your checklist:


1) The Type of Singer You’re Getting

A singer will be significant in bringing your wedding party together, so it’s ideal to hire one that would be able to fill in those shoes with grace and confidence. There are all sorts of singers, from those who tend to go for a stripped acoustic sound to those who belt out their soul.

Be sure to specify what type of singer you want to get and profile your candidates accordingly while choosing. The experience of a musician can be quite a plus as well since you wouldn’t want to get a wedding singer who will have cold feet in the midst of the event. 


2) The Price of the Singer You’re Hiring

At the end of the day, whichever singer you choose to hire comes along with a price that you would have to account for in your wedding plan. Various factors will come into play, such as how tenured the singer is or how in-demand they are in your local area.

There are also aspects such as the time and date of the wedding. If you’re hoping to book them during the whole Valentine’s Day because that’s the set date for when you tie the knot, expect a higher fee. Confirm the final costs before booking the to-be wedding singer.


3) The Style of Music You’re Going to Choose

When you’re choosing a wedding singer, be sure that they can carry out the music style and genre of the wedding you want. Especially if you’re seeking out a mellow jazz sound for the rest of the day, singers more versed in metal or screamo might not cut it. This will mostly rely on your sound preference at the end of the day, so just be sure to communicate it before booking.


4) The Most Important Songs That’ll Be Played

There are many key songs that will have to be sung by your wedding singer. There’s the melody when you walk down the aisle, dance with your partner for the first time and several other instances that will be captured on camera. Find a singer who would play and sing your chosen wedding songs the way you’ve envisioned.


5) The Rest of the Ensemble

Finally, when booking a wedding singer, think about the rest of the ensemble. If you want to splurge and ensure that the music is great, check if the agency offers up band hire. Acquiring that for your event ensures that things will go smoothly, especially since each party is surely acquainted with one another.



Making these key considerations will ensure that you book the best wedding singer possible for your special day. Smooth out the details and exchange information. Then, you can look forward to their serenade as you don on your wedding attire.

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