Birthday Party Trends for 2021

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 15 2021

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1 Entertainment Birthday Party Trends 2021

2020 was a year of disappointment in a lot of ways. Birthday parties were canceled due to restrictions and lockdowns and many people simply want to forget that year. However, we are in a new age where

If you are planning a birthday party for your kids this year, here are the top party trends for 2021...

Costume Parties

Halloween was certainly unusual last year and you might not have been able to dress up at all, but in 2021, it is all about regaining those things we lost in the previous year, so why not plan a costume party for your little one. You can provide a specific theme or allow your guests to dress as they feel. The fun of a costume party is seeing who shows up and how they are dressed. Elaborate costumes can receive a prize and of course, you should give a prize to the cutest costume as well. You can have a lot of fun with a costume birthday party any time of the year.

Elegant Dress Party

Children and adults love to dress up and there are very few occasions in which they are allowed to wear over the top or formal attire. An elegant dress party is the perfect opportunity to break out that formal gown that has been gathering dust in the closet. This is not merely an option for adults, but children as well. Many thrift and second hand stores sell formal wear at very low prices and when you pay so little for a dress, it is easy to alter it to fit a smaller frame. Shorter, cocktail style dresses work best for this as they are already short and do not have to be altered to fit a child’s length. A few pins can tighten the dress around the waist making it perfect for a smaller person.

Outdoor Movie Night

There are still areas that restrict indoor gatherings, so many party planners are investing in outdoor activities for the children. Possibly one of the best ideas is an outdoor movie party. A few cardboard boxes painted to look like cars provides a great place for children to sit while keeping their distance. Movie projection is easy with an inexpensive projector and a white sheet. Take things to an even bigger level with a popcorn machine hire Kent. It will be like a real drive in theater and the children will truly love the experience.

An Outdoor Carnival

Kids love carnivals and unfortunately, many have not had the opportunity to enjoy one in a while, so why not have one at your home for your kid’s party. Carnival parties can be elaborate with rentable games and rides as many traditional carnivals are looking for venues to bring in some money, but they can also be done on a smaller scale. Bouncy castle hire Hertfordshire offers the chance to bring a fun activity into any event venue. These castles come in a wide range of types and can be set up for practically any age group.

While planning your carnival party, bring the experience to the next level with a popcorn machine hire, chocolate fountain, and all the food people traditionally love at a carnival. This type of food is easy to prepare and keep hot throughout the event. A party like this will surely be something your child will remember for years to come.

Spa Party

Everyone loves to get pampered, but some spas remain closed, so why not bring the experience to your party guests. A spa party is the perfect idea for your little one or even your teen to enjoy some relaxation. Provide cozy robes and slippers for your guests along with a nail stylist, pedicurist, hair stylist, and more. Just as with carnival workers, spa professionals are looking for ways to maintain their income while remaining safe. You can have a beautiful party and potentially help out a struggling business at the same time.

Baking Party

Taking the time to bake with children is a rewarding experience. Theme your next party around this notion. Instead of providing a cake with all the trimmings, let your guests do the work for you. Kids love to cook and baking cup cakes with them will provide lasting memories while you celebrate your little one’s special day.

Just because we are still in the midst of a global pandemic does not mean that all parties should cease. There is a way to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak with parties that allow for social distancing and a safer environment. Do not allow your child to go another year without a high quality birthday celebration. They are only young once and that deserves to be celebrated.