6 Amazing Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Going 40

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 20 2022

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Most people regard that your 20s will be the best years of your life while everything goes downhill in your 30s. Being in your 40s tends to get a bad reputation. However, that shouldn't be the case; there's so much to celebrate as you finally hit that sweet age of being 40 years old.

At 40, you've already met so many wonderful people while getting life a little more figured out day by day compared to the average person. With some experience and wisdom under your belt, life and enjoyment can truly start at this grand age.

It is, therefore, essential that you make all effort to celebrate your 40th birthday party in style. Celebrate a milestone in life and look back at all the good you've accomplished while toasting the ones for the future. If you're looking for ideas to make your party memorable and grand, here are just a couple of ideas:

1) Reserve a Garden

If you're looking for a beautiful space that's best to host your party, reserve a garden and get a marquee where you can have a lavish gathering with your close family and friends. It'd be the perfect time to have brunch and enjoy the peaceful ambience for the adult type of party you want to throw.

2) Rent Out a Rink

Get your friends together or rent out a skating rink, encouraging everyone to have fun while donning on rollers or skates. Such an event isn’t just something you can do when you're a kid. Now, you can have the opportunity to do it and enjoy it with fellow adults, even if you slip once or twice.

3) Get a Dancefloor

Since you're turning 40 now, what better way to celebrate than throwing a big party that gets you, your friends and your family on the dance floor for a night to remember? Plan the reservation, call the DJ, bring your best moves, and pop some bottles to get the party started. Groove to all your favourite music, no matter what decade it came out.

4) Create a Small Dinner Party

For a classy dinner party, you and your guests can enjoy some of your favourite cuisine, great wines, and utmost service from the best staff. It would be an elegant dinner party that comes with a twist of fun and laughter as you dine with your friends, family, business partners and acquaintances.

5) Organise a Costume Party

For something more exciting, throw a costume party and invite all your friends. Dress up as anyone you want, be it a superhero, someone from a movie, or a fictional character. You can still have as much fun dressing up, taking awesome pictures, and enjoying a night of fun with all your friends while at 40.

6) Arrange a Surprise Party

Having a 40th birthday party is one of the most memorable milestones you can reach in your life. It should be celebrated in the most enjoyable and unique way. Surprise your friends, family and loved ones, and they'll certainly be surprised as they turn 40, or throw yourself your little event to catch them off guard.


To sum it up, turning 40 is just another milestone in life and nothing to be feared. With some good food, awesome friends and family, and the right venue, you can host a 40th birthday party that's nothing short of spectacular.

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