The Best Tent Rental Add-Ons for Your Beach Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 30 2022

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Beach weddings are a popular choice for couples looking to get married in a beautiful, natural setting. If you're planning a beach wedding, you may be wondering what kind of tent rental add-ons are available to make your big day even more special.

Here are some great tent rental add-ons that are ideal for beach weddings:

Framed Tents

Framed tents are a great option if you're looking for a tent rental with a bit of extra pizzazz. These tents come with a wooden frame designed to look like a piece of art, and they come in various colours and styles. They're perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your beach wedding, and they're also a great way to keep your guests cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

Dance Floor and Stages

If you want to make your wedding reception even more special, you can add a dance floor or stage. You can choose to have a live band play during your reception or have a DJ spin some tunes that you and your guests can enjoy. Dance floor rentals are available in various sizes and shapes, so you can find one that will fit your wedding's overall theme.


If you plan on having a large wedding reception, you will want to ensure that you have enough power to keep everything going. Generator rentals are available that will provide you with the power you need to keep your wedding running smoothly.

Food Concession Stands

Consider renting concession stands to serve food to guests at your reception. Concession rentals offer a variety of ways to provide food and snacks and can be a fun addition to your event.

If you're looking to add more fun to your wedding reception, renting a food concession machine is a great way to do it! Snow cone and cotton candy machines are a delicious and festive way to serve sweet treats, and the custom flavour options allow you to showcase your wedding colours in an edible form.

How to Determine the Add-Ons That You Need

As you plan your wedding, the temptation may be there to add on every extra that your venue offers, but this can quickly eat into your overall budget and leave you with less money for the other parts of your wedding. It's important to sit down with your fiancé and discuss which add-ons are essential to you and which ones can be left out. 

1. Figure out your budget.

The first step in figuring out what add-ons you need is to figure out your budget. This will help you determine what aspects of your wedding you can splurge on and which ones you will need to save on.

2. Decide what is important to you.

Next, you must figure out what is important to you and your fiancee. This will help you determine which add-ons are worth spending money on. For example, if photography is important to you, you may want to invest in a good photographer rather than spend money on a fancy cake.

3. Think about the time of year.

The time of year can also play a role in determining what add-ons you need for your wedding. For example, if you are getting married during the winter, you may want to consider investing in a heater for your tent rental.

Wrapping Up

There are a variety of rental add-ons that can make a beach wedding even more special. Some of these include tents, chairs, and decorations. By choosing the right add-ons, you can create a unique and memorable wedding experience.

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