Benefits of Hiring a Wedding DJ

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 11 2021

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Wedding DJ

When planning your wedding, you will want to have everything in order. From the food to the guestlist, every seemingly small aspect is vitally important to ensure everything goes as it should on your

Even though food, food, décor, and who will be there may seem to make the biggest impact on the success of your wedding, it is often the choice of entertainment that stand out. There are so many choices for entertainment at your wedding from bouncy castles to chocolate fountains, and live bands, but more and more people are choosing DJs for their main wedding entertainment. Here are just a few benefits of wedding DJs you might not even realize.

Easy Set Up

The days of highly complicated and over the top large DJ booths have come to an end. Today’s, modern DJ setups are user friendly and portable. DJs provide their own equipment and most everything can be done through a convenient laptop, so if you have a venue that is short on space, DJs can help with that. The DJ will set up and break down their own equipment, so that is one less thing you or the wedding staff have to worry about.

Helps Mitigate Proper Flow for the Day

When we think of a wedding DJ, visions of an individual playing song after song come to mind and make no mistakes about it a great DJ will certainly keep the music flowing. However, they do much more than this. Each wedding has a specific flow and that flow is often dictated by the desires of the couple along with help from a wedding planner. Keeping this flow on track can be a complicated task and with many venues requiring time restraints for weddings and receptions, it is vital to maintain a proper schedule. Wedding planners regularly employ the DJ to help with this. As announcements and changes need to be made, the DJ is generally the one a wedding planner will turn to, to ensure everyone can hear what is going on, so your professional wedding DJ is far more important than you may have thought.

Sets the Tone and Mood for the Evening

Music has amazing emotional responses. Certain genres of music can cause people to become agitated, elated, or even cry. Who controls your wedding’s music should be carefully calculated. Weddings that have themes often dictate specific songs to go along with that theme and for weddings without a theme, the couple can determine songs they want to hear and those they prefer not to be played. DJs for hire in Essex certainly set the tone for the wedding and having the right music for the event is vital to its overall success.

Can Customize Songs

One of the most popular aspects of a wedding DJ is their ability to produce specialized dance mixes and mashups specifically for the couple and what they love. DJs are more than just a person that spins music throughout the evening. Great DJs in Essex take time with the couple they are going to be working with to determine the need for any specific songs of mashups. These little customized options are one of the more unique ways to ensure your wedding stands out among the sea of other events going on at the same time. Make it memorable with a DJ in Essex for your wedding.

Flaws Can Be Hidden with Music

Your wedding DJ will carefully calculate songs to be played and keep track of times of these songs to maintain a proper schedule of events, but somethings, unexpected things can happen. A high quality DJ in Essex can help curb attention away from a potential flaw or hiccup in the events through music. For instance, if you happen to have a wardrobe malfunction or another embarrassing episode, your wedding DJ can make an announcement or play an attention grabbing song to divert the attention their way instead of at any problem at hand.

Versatility at its Best

A live band can have a lot of advantages at a wedding, but sometimes, a wedding DJ can have even more. There are certain restrictions on live bands in regard to what they can play. Songs are limited by the ability of the band mates, so if you want a song and they do not know how to play it, you cannot have that song or it could be performed badly in their attempt to at least try. A wedding DJ is substantially different. Not only can they play the original cut of a song, but the live version, parody, or any other version you wish. Your wish is their command with just the push of a button. No compromises

When you are planning your wedding, never neglect the need for high quality entertainment. A DJ is the ideal way to get the party going and keep it going all night long.