Top Benefits of a Chocolate Fountain Hire on Your Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 20 2023

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Chocolate fountains have become popular for weddings, parties, and other special occasions. They provide a delicious, fun way to indulge in the beloved treat. But what chocolate should you use for a chocolate fountain?

A delicious and entertaining way to commemorate a special occasion is with a chocolate fountain. But what kind of chocolate is ideal for a chocolate fountain? The various chocolate varieties that work well in a chocolate fountain will be covered in this blog post. 

Read on to obtain all the details you want, whether you're organising a party or want to learn more about using a chocolate fountain in London!

What Is a Chocolate Fountain? 

To effortlessly flow and be dipped into various dishes, chocolate is first melted in a unique apparatus called a chocolate fountain. The use of chocolate fountains at celebrations and other special occasions is customary. Visitors can dip their food into the chocolate using skewers or other implements after it has melted in the fountain.

Benefits of a Chocolate Fountain on Your Event 

The excitement and elegance can significantly improve any party that a chocolate fountain can bring. The flowing chocolate offers your visitors something new and exciting to experience in addition to being incredibly stunning. 


A chocolate fountain hire in London might be a great addition to your forthcoming event. You can provide your visitors with various options when using a chocolate fountain. You can make a broad variety of distinctive and delectable combinations depending on the type of chocolate you choose and the components for the dipping.  


Besides being aesthetically beautiful, a chocolate fountain is also fun. A chocolate fountain will make everyone happy at your event, whether children or adults are attending. 


Renting a chocolate fountain could be inexpensive to add a special and customised touch to your upcoming event. In addition, compared to other sweets or snacks, the cost of purchasing the materials (chocolate and dipping goods) is fairly affordable.

How Can You Pick a Chocolate Fountain That's Right for You

Selecting the ideal chocolate fountain for your requirements could be difficult. When choosing a fountain, keep the following things in mind: 

Chocolate Type 

Your preferences and how you plan to utilise the chocolate fountain will determine the type of chocolate you select. Knowing your visitors' preferred chocolate flavour is crucial because all three types of chocolate—dark, white, and milk—work well in fountains.


The fountain's dimensions will vary depending on how much chocolate you need and how many guests you feed. Consider renting a larger fountain or several smaller fountains if you are holding a sizable party.  


Invest in a fountain that is well-made, aesthetically beautiful, and easy to use. The food's safety will increase because better fountains will also be simpler to maintain and keep clean.

Which Chocolate Varieties Work Best in a Chocolate Fountain?

White Chocolate 

The ideal accompaniment to any delicious dessert is white chocolate. This melt-in-your-mouth treat has a moderate flavour that goes well with foods like grapes or oranges and a creamy richness that distinguishes it from other chocolates.

Milk Chocolate 

A type of chocolate with less than 35% cocoa is called milk chocolate. Sadly, you also cannot paint these types. Nevertheless, depending on your preferences, there are still a ton of flavours to pick from, such as mint leaves or citrus fruits. 

White milk chocolates containing cocoa solids quickly change from "white" chocolate to "milk" chocolate due to their flavour and texture changing to become sweeter and frequently acquiring a darker appearance.

Dark Chocolate

The darkest, tangiest chocolate that can be purchased has been mentioned frequently lately. But bear in mind that it contains at least 95% cocoa solids, which means that if you use it excessively without counteracting its astringency with other flavours like cream or honey syrup, it will overshadow anything.


A chocolate fountain hire is an amazing addition to any event. It provides a delightful and delectable treat for guests that will make your event memorable. Not only does it provide a delicious treat for your guests, but it also can add a luxurious touch to any event. Additionally, a chocolate fountain is easy to use, mess-free and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. With all these benefits, it's no wonder a chocolate fountain is becoming a popular way to add a special treat to any event.

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