What Parents Should Do Before Holding a Bar Mitzvah Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 08 2022

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A child’s Bar Mitzvah can be one of the most exciting events that any Jewish parent looks forward to, with some even planning it years in advance before they ever come of age. That’s pretty fair, considering a lot goes into event planning this traditional celebration that only ever happens once in a kid’s lifetime. 

There are many details that have to be considered for the party. Whether you have a long checklist ready or you’re just being lax with the planning process, here’s a couple of things that every parent should do before holding their kid’s bar mitzvah.

1) Get a Party Planner

Party planning is not always the simplest to do, and it can tend to muddy your schedule if you’re not all too sure about who to contact and what to focus on. Hire a party planner who would be with you during every step of the process for a smooth prep stage before the celebration.

Plus, a party planner can take care of multiple parts concerning the bar mitzvah party so that you can spend more time with your little celebrant. They should have all the connections at their disposal so that you can have little to no problems managing everything.

2) Pick the Venue

Your party planner should be able to secure a variety of venue locations for you to choose from. While other aspects of the event may be held at a synagogue, the reception and grand banquet should be best done someplace else. There shouldn’t be any specifics but just focus on picking a big space that would be able to hold all your family’s guests.

3) Create the Invites

Speaking of guests, don’t forget to coordinate with your party planner about who’s invited and how you want to send the invitations. Many are starting to utilise digital invites instead to cut the costs a little bit, but printed varieties will never fail to be personable. Remember to hand this to relatives, friends and acquaintances about a month or two in advance.

4) Decorate Accordingly

Decorations at the event will set the mood at the party, so it’s best to have a vision of what you want the venue to look like. Search for inspiration online and try to figure out what kind of ambience you’re trying to go for, as well as the certain colour palette and theme that you want. Get functional decor as well, such as candles for the bar mitzvah’s lighting ceremony.

5) Check the Menu

Food is such an important part of the event, especially since one of the most memorable parts of any bar mitzvah is the feast. Remember to have a different set of food catered to the kids and the adults attending the party. Appetisers may be for all, but be sure that the cocktail is only for those of age. Be mindful of your guest’s allergies as well. 


By following these tips, you should be ready for your little baby’s bar mitzvah and welcome them to adulthood. Be sure to smooth over all the event details, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures that’ll commemorate the celebration and party. 

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