Are You Ready for the Wedding Marryoke? Best Marryoke Songs and Tips

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 10 2021

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Don’t want a traditional wedding video on the big day? Gear up for the trendy wedding marryoke. If you have recently viewed a romantic marryoke video of your friend, it’s easy to spot the strikin

It sounds quite like popular karaoke. There is a bit of similarity and some notable differences too. The point of similarity is that you get the music playing on both. 
Don’t panic. You do not need to have the singing talent to make a memorable marryoke. Allow the professionals from the renowned entertainment company UK to do all of it at the event. 
In case you haven’t heard of a wedding marryoke before, it is simply a musical wedding video that is so refreshing, romantic, and lively. 
By now, you may be in a dilemma about making a choice. 
Just to help you with the decision-making, we have provided some information on this. 
Below is an in-depth guide on wedding marryoke. Read our post to know everything about the next generation fun musical wedding videos. 
What is Wedding Marryoke? 
The concept of marryoke emerged around 2009. The era saw some extremely talented videographers who went an extra edge to create awesome musical videos for wedding events. They collaborated with some production companies to bestow a professional touch to the entire project. 
Today this unique idea is much in trend and does not seem to fade out soon. 
The marryoke video is not just a collection of songs added to a wedding video. The secret that makes it stand out is the storytelling part that is beautifully incorporated into the video. 
Every wedding is a different project and so is a marryoke an exceptional piece of video for each married couple. All efforts are dedicated to making your entire day so special. 
Even after years of marriage, you will enjoy watching the video created to portray your eternal love story on screen. 
Those who missed the wedding for obvious reasons will relive the highlights of the event while watching the special moments on a DVD. 
How to Create a Marryoke Video?
Now, this can be tricky. You have to work with professionals- a skilled videographer and a musician (preferably a DJ). They work closely with the bride and the groom to make the project as beautiful as it can be. 
As a couple or the guests at the event, there is no need to put in stringent efforts during the entire process. Just stay in a light happy ceremonial mood and lip-sync to the tunes as you take the steps. 
That’s it! Simple, fun, and romantic. 
Top 5 Wedding Marryoke Songs
Didn’t find the best songs for the wedding video?
When it comes to choosing the best marryoke songs, the videographers suggest choosing popular songs. People on the dance floor engage in sheer joy lip-syncing to the favourite tunes after a few drinks. Pick the songs the guests are familiar with. 
We have selected a few popular songs used in real wedding videos during the last few years: 
1.    Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
Not a typical romantic song though, we have seen how this song keeps inspiring the guests to step on the dance floor. This is especially a favourite pick for kids and teens. 
2.    Can’t Take My Eyes Off You- Andy Williams  
This is one of the most popular first dance songs. The slow and calming yet too romantic tunes set the mood and leave you in mesmerism. 
3.    The Time of My Life- Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
Created way back in the 80s, this classic song is still the prime choice for many couples for the duet performance. 
4.    Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran
Nothing seems to beat the sensuous appeal of this sizzling romantic song of 2014. Go for it if you are looking to set the stage on fire.  
5.    Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles (Original Version)
Even after 5 decades, the guests are thrilled to sync the lips to this Beatles song in honour of the bride walking down the aisle. 
What? You didn’t like the songs?
It’s fine. When you meet a professional for wedding DJ hire, you may ask for a list of marryoke songs as well. I am sure most musicians can provide plenty of suggestions. Let their experience do the job so you can focus on other arrangements.  
Things to Consider Before Hiring a Marryoke Videographer 
•    Choose Popular Songs- It is easy for the guests to lip-sync to hit classic songs.
•    Length of Video- Short is sweet. This also applies to your marryoke video. Ideally, a part-time video of 3-4 hours is sufficient to capture the magical moments for the videographer and create the musical love story. You spend less without compromising the quality. 
•    Get Ready for Some Rehearsals- Some early preps keep you confident on the event day. Work with your partner to get the perfect shots for your wedding video. 
•    Early Bookings- Not every videographer can work on marryoke videos. This is a unique concept. You must hire professionals who have relevant experience. Contact the videographer as early as possible. It helps to secure his availability on your wedding date. 
•    Don’t Miss the Consultation- Before you sign a contract, take your meeting very seriously. You may have a lot of questions. There is no need to be shy. You can ask almost anything in mind before hiring. 
•    Understanding the Payment Plans- The payment policies vary from one company to another. It can be weird to pay everyone on the wedding date. Discuss the payment procedure during the meeting so that you may choose a schedule that is comfortable for both parties.   
Do you want a marryoke for the big day?
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