How Aisle Runners Can Save Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 14 2023

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Weddings are one of the most memorable occasions in a person's life. They are even more special when they're held outdoors. You can make your wedding ceremony truly unforgettable with the right venue, decorations and other elements. One way to do that is adding aisle runners to the aisle where you'll walk down on your big day.

How can aisle runners improve your outdoor wedding ceremony? In this article, we'll explain what aisle runners are, why they're important, and give examples of how they can be used in weddings.

How an Aisle Runner Can Add Elegance to Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

For many couples, having an outdoor wedding ceremony is a great way to save on costs and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, this decision also means that you will need to think about how you want to decorate the space where you will say your vows.

Using an aisle runner is an excellent option if you want something simple yet elegant. It will give your guests a good idea of where they should stand while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the altar.

Choosing the Right Aisle Runner

Choosing the right aisle runner for your wedding can be a fun and exciting experience. Not only do they add a layer of class and sophistication to your ceremony, but they also help to create a beautiful path for you to walk down on your special day.

When choosing an aisle runner, there are several factors that you should consider first. These include:

  • The Material Used for the Runner

Choosing a material that is both durable and affordable is important. You want a runner that will last throughout your ceremony, but you also don't want to have to spend too much money on something that only gets used once. Outdoor carpet runners are often the best choice because they are usually made for durability, which is important for outdoor weddings.

For beach weddings, consider a runner made of synthetic grass. This will prevent your guests from tracking sand into the venue and provide a soft surface on which they can walk.

  • The Color of the Runner

A white runner is mostly the go-to for brides who want a neutral colour. However, you can also choose a runner to accentuate your decorations and wedding theme. Choosing the right colour will make the runner appear more elegant and add to the overall look of your ceremony.

  • The Length of the Aisle You Will Be Using

The aisle length is another important aspect to consider before choosing a runner. Runners are usually three to four feet long, but if you plan to have a long aisle, consider getting a runner that is longer than four feet. This will give your guests plenty of room to walk down the aisle without feeling crowded.


Aisle runners are a great way to make an outdoor wedding ceremony more memorable. They can enhance your venue's aesthetics and create a more dramatic entrance path for you and your guests. They're also extremely easy to install, so there's no reason not to add one to your wedding day.

Bring elegance to your event by adding a wedding aisle runner to your outdoor wedding ceremony. Our aisle runner at 1 Entertainment is made of high-quality material and is available in different sizes to fit your event needs.