Discovering the Advantages of Having a Marquee Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 04 2022

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Do you want to see elements in your wedding that are not present in the typical church wedding? Well, it’s time to consider a marquee wedding!

If you opt to have your wedding in a marquee, it can create a truly unique ambiance for you and your guests. It will be similar to a blank canvas site, and you will be able to transform it into the ideal wedding location—replete with electricity and luxury toilets. 

Even modest places like your own back garden may be transformed into a stunning wedding venue with a marquee wedding. It has numerous advantages, and you may transform a low-cost place into the stunning ideal venue of your dreams by hiring a marquee.

You Can Accommodate a Larger Guest List

With a marquee wedding, you will be able to accommodate larger groups of people easily. Your guest list won’t be as limited as it might be in locations with strict capacity restrictions. 

An example of this is if you’re using the grounds of a mansion with large lawns and gardens. In these cases, a clear-span marquee can accommodate larger guest lists while remaining within reason. 

Marquee rental is also a good option for smaller, more intimate weddings. To reserve a space, most locations will require you to meet a certain amount of people. You may end up paying for a larger guest list than you’ll need just to use the venue. 

With a modest marquee setup, you may have the romantic wedding of your dreams without compromising anything, even your budget.

You’re Hosting a One-of-a-Kind Event

When you plan your wedding from the ground up, you’ll have a unique design that only you and your guests will see. There’s less likelihood that another wedding will have the same style as yours because you may select and choose things like the flooring, tables, chairs, and linen. 

The fun part is the decorations. You have flowers, table decorations, wedding favours, and lighting—all the little extras that round off your design ingenuity and make your wedding day memorable and unique to you.

Choosing a marquee also allows you to select a particularly meaningful location. You can transform this special place into a memorable wedding site that completes your special day.

A themed wedding is also an option. Themed weddings are becoming more popular, with couples selecting a theme that is meaningful to them and carrying it through their whole ceremony. 

With a marquee, you’ll have complete control over the space’s design and structure, making it simple to establish a unified theme. 

You and Your Wedding Planner Can Be More Flexible

A marquee wedding may provide you with more options for your entire event. Venue constraints won’t restrict you. Some venues will want you to use their chosen vendors and allow you little leeway in making your selection. 

It’s also totally adaptable! If the weather is fine, raise the sides of the tent; if the weather becomes a little nastier, keep them down. 

You Won’t Be Pressured with Time

If you have a marquee in a location of your choice, you will be much more flexible and relaxed with schedules. A time constraint will not bind you, and your wedding can last till the early morning hours. As long as the neighbours are okay with it, you don’t have to worry. You can even add them to the guest list!


With all of these advantages, a marquee wedding can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Look for a marquee company that can help you build beautiful structures for your special occasion. 

After securing the venue, you and your wedding planner choose the perfect style for the interior design. There are so many options, designs, and layouts to choose from, and you can be as inventive as you want!

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