A Marquee Wedding in the UK: Everything You Need to Know Before Planning

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 28 2021

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Are you looking to hire a marquee for a wedding? You are at the right place. A marquee wedding is just the ideal solution in the COVID-19 scenario. The entire setup gives you everything you want to a

For your help, we have provided crucial information about wedding marquee hire.

Things to Consider about Marquee Wedding



Some people promise too much. They offer an all-season marquee setup. Don’t be overwhelmed by those claims. We recommend hiring marquees for spring and summer events. The weather conditions are generally favourable for outdoor weddings during April-October.

You may choose a marquee for winter but it costs extra to put up the heaters.


Location and Accessibility

You just can’t put up a marquee on open land. Accessibility is the key concern in remote areas. Do you have access to the following at the site?

  • Water and Electricity- You need a sufficient water supply for cooking, cleaning, washroom, etc. Make sure the marquee venue has uninterrupted electricity for the lighting equipment, heaters, music, and others. Hire a generator as well, so that you don’t run short of power supply in case of technical glitches.
  • Toilet facilities- If the marquee ground is not part of a permanent wedding venue, you need to hire a luxury toilet unit. With sophisticated interiors, these toilets keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.
  • Hand washing stations- Washing hands has become a part of life since the advent of coronavirus. Keep the attendees stress-free by hiring freestanding hand washing units. They don’t require any electricity or plumbing.
  • Car parking ground- There should be enough parking space for the guests as well as the suppliers.



Setting up a marquee, decorations, and other procedures can take about 7-10 days for suppliers. So there will be a lot of work at the site. Make sure nobody has a problem with this.


Post Wedding Disposals

You will need to dispose of tons of wastes after the event. Make sure this is not an issue especially if you want the wedding event at home.


Type and Size of Marquee

While it is easy for your wedding planner to suggest the ideal size depending on the number of invitees, choosing the right marquee type is a hard chore.

The type of marquee you need depends on your wedding theme, choice of colours, etc.

  • Classic Canvas Marquees: Also called traditional marquees, they have an exquisite. They have inner poles for support and stability. Just an excellent option for grassy landscape, these marquees need a lot of free space to install pegs for anchoring.
  • Clear Span Marquees: These marquees do not require inner poles for support. The sturdy framework keeps the structure intact without the need for pegs around. You get enough flexibility to add inner sections for extra space. This is a preferable option to create an extension to a wedding venue or small spaces.
  • Yurt Marquees: They are available in various sizes. Ideal for the festival and boho-themed events, these circular marquees are self-supported by a strong timber frame. However, the large yurts require inner poles for supporting the roof.
  • Pagoda Marquees: Also called canopy or Chinese hat marquees, they look like small tents with open sides and pointed rooftop. They are great for creating a small shade in the garden for the bar counter, entrance cover, etc.
  • Tipis: These are sturdy structures for enduring extreme weather conditions in the UK. They are small tents with an open side. For large weddings, you can have several of them joined together.
  • Stretch Tents: These stylish and stunning tents provide enough flexibility to create any desired shape. However, you need extra space around them for the pegs.


Benefits of Wedding Marquee Hire

Utilize Open Spaces

If you are looking to get married at home, a marquee set up in the garden allows you to do the catering and other things outdoors. Likewise, if you have booked a small venue but the guest list is a lengthy one, the marquee bestows a nice ambiance to welcome them all. It also offers more space for the guests to sit and relax and enjoy the ceremonies.

Flexibility for the Wedding Decors

Unlike the wedding venue, the marquee provides a blank canvas to do anything with the decorations. You can use this space to create the wedding theme of your dreams.

With an endless array of options, you are more confident to do anything with the layout, lights, stage, seating arrangements, floral decors, and so much more…

An Extension to Your Wedding Venue

Even after the pandemic, following the social distancing norms is the top priority. You hardly get any flexibility to get bigger space inside a banquet hall.

If you have a large ground outside, setting up a large marquee is a breeze. You will have plenty of space to make the invitees comfortable.

Can you tie the knot in a marquee?

This depends on the law in your country. In the UK, it is mandatory to get married in a permanent structure- a banquet hall, at-home veranda, a beach hut, etc.

Wondering, if it is worth hiring a marquee for your wedding?

Accommodating the guests can be an issue in a small space such as a beach hut. Additionally, if your wedding venue is too small, make your guests comfortable in a marquee. This works great if you have a lot of free space outside the ceremony hall.

Marquee is a saviour and cost-effective option. Get married in a beach hut and entertain your guests inside the marquee.

To wrap it all up,

A marquee wedding is getting immensely popular, especially among couples looking to get married in summer. It reduces your costs while giving you several options to customize decors, seating arrangements, and so much more. You may choose any size or design depending on the availability of space and the number of guests.

I hope this guide has given you enough information about marquee weddings.

Do you have any questions about marquee hire in the UK?

Please feel free to contact us.

Happy Wedding Planning...