9 Stunning Venue Decoration Ideas for Holidays Private Parties

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 09 2020

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Venue Decoration

The holidays are approaching in a few days. For those who are done with gift packing, the venue decoration is the topmost priority.

  1. it comes to organizing the year-end party for the near ones, everyone wants something out of the box. You do not have to it on a high budget. For those who prefer to try hands on DIY Christmas decorations, it is always good to employ the best of your creative touch to do something fresh every time.

However, the easiest way to save your time and make things effortless is to approach an event management company. But before you do, it is always preferred to get some fresh inspirations that will ease your discussion during the consultation.

Want to decorate your party venue like a pro?

Read on to explore the killer decoration ideas for the upcoming event.

1. Festive Linen Draping All-Around

Now you do not have to spend a fortune to use fabric drapes in the venue. You can do well with some low-cost draping material too. A fancy look drape assortment on the ceiling, on the chairs, across the tables and other places is all you need to create a majestic appeal.

As for the colour combination, you can choose anything from mild pastel hues to glossy fabric to complement the party theme. The hosts mainly prefer the red and white mishmash for Christmas party venue decoration. But for the New Year Eve party, you can go for subtle tinges such as lavender, pale green, or anything, depending on the theme of your party.

2. Appearance of the Event Signage and Menu Card Matters

The first thing to notice at the banquet hall is the event signage at the entrance. Since the first impression is the last impression for most people, the look and feel of these elements at the venue have to be appealing.

Humour is always the icing on the cake, but with a touch of artistry, it is worth a million accolades.

3. A Flair of Fairy Lights

Holidays celebrations are not possible without fairy lights. Upon entering the party hall, the dazzling bright lights are the frontrunner to catch the attention of your guests. No one wants to get inside a dull dark room for parties unless it’s a Halloween theme.

Lights create a visual effect for the onlookers at the banquet hall. You can try a few alternatives to see what works well for your party theme. For a touch of extra zeal, you can also place candles in small glass jars (coated with spray paint) on the tables.

4. Sophisticated Floral Art

Floral adornment in the entire venue can be highly expensive. However, you can go for artificial floweret decors too. However, if you want to place flowers on the guest tables, make sure they are original ones. For the rest part, it is good to go with ornate faux flower arrangements that are quite affordable. Nowadays, event venue decorators use exquisite flower walls, trailing bushes, and floret garlands to bestow a plush makeover to the venue hall.

5. Spectacular Ceiling

Want to go high on the wow quotient?

Don’t miss the ceiling decorations. You can go for a chic makeover for your ceiling with anything- artificial flowers, fabric drapes, lights, chandeliers, balloons, or even paper cranes.

This assures you can do something within a budget. Whatever you opt for, the embellishment should match the décor pattern of the rest of the hall in terms of colours, theme, etc.

6. Grab Attentions with a Glitzy Buffet

It is quite predictable for the guests to find a long extended queue of food items at the buffet section. This time, get a bit innovative with how you display the delectable cuisine. Categorise food items in separate sections so that everyone knows what is available where. Herein is a quick overview of what you can do:

  • Hire a Mobile Bar-For those who are obsessed with the Bacchanalia ecstasy will appreciate a separate mobile bar section to get a serving of their preferred cocktail.
  • Snacking Delights at the Mini Food Corner-well-organized display of burgers, tacos, pastries, nuggets, cheesy meatballs, etc. You can even opt for an entire donut wall
  • Interactive Food Station- There are so many culinary surprises you can line up for the party attendees at this buffet section.

Whatever you do, just make sure there is signage to guide your guest through the various parts of the venue.

7. Splurged Table Arrangements

Those who can afford to go high on a budget have a lot of options for the table decorations. From linen-covered chairs and tables to classy crystal stemless wine glasses to fine china crockery, there is a long array of alternatives you can experiment with.

Stuck on the budget part? No worries, go for a minimalistic approach. Sometimes, less is more when you add a touch of elegance.

8. Multifarious Seating Assortment

Making the invitees as comfortable as possible is the top priority for every host. The seating arrangements play an integral part in this regard.

While chairs on the mind, don’t forget the cosy couches, bean bag seats, and bar stools. If you have already done the arithmetic on how many people are about to attend the event, it should not be too difficult to guess how many seats are needed. Go for a combination but make sure there are several choices for the guests to make themselves comfortable.

9. Don’t forget the Photo Booth for the Selfie Addicts

Not just the selfies, people look forward to taking a lot of USSIES during reunion after a long time. Parties are specially meant for that. A spacious and well-embellished photo booth gives your invitees to tap through their high-resolution Smartphones a lot for capturing some rare lifetime memories.

So what’s Your Favourite Party Venue Decoration for the Holidays?

I hope the above venue decoration ideas have given you enough inspiration, at least to get started. Now that you have a plethora of ideas, it’s time to talk to a venue decoratorfor a dream event hall décor. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the discussion if you are stuck in cruces to ensure you are fully acquainted with the details of the entire project upfront.