7 Ways To Make Your Event’s Bar More Exciting

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 17 2020

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Adding a mobile bar to an event is a sure-fire way to help attendees relax and enjoy themselves. Giving your guests access to some delicious drinks encourages them to socialise and have a great time.

But did you know you can customise the type of mobile bar that you have at your event? Event organisers can specify the design aesthetic of the bar and the types of drinks that are offered to guests.


The ability to customise your bar provides an excellent opportunity for making the event more unique and memorable for attendees. In this post, I’ll share some of the ways in which a mobile bar can be set up.


Vintage Cocktails

Transport your event attendees back in time by offering a selection of vintage cocktails from decades past. One of the most popular options is to serve drinks from the prohibition-era, including the Gin Rickey, Bee’s Knees, Ward Eight, Highball, Sidecar, and Old Fashioned.


Another option that has grown in popularity recently is to serve cocktails from the 1980’s. This includes classics like the B-52, Buck’s Fizz, Slippery Nipple, Mudslide, Tequila Sunrise, Alabama Slammer, White Zinfandel, and Fluffy Duck. Your attendees will enjoy trying a variety of cocktails, which they may not have tasted before.


Pair Drinks With Snack Plates

Introduce your guests to some delicious flavour combinations by pairing wine, beer, or cocktails with snack plates featuring cheese, nuts, cured meats, orfruit. Even a simple combination like a delicious craft beer with a warm pretzel can make the event experience much more enjoyable for guests.


If you want to make an impact, consider serving unusual food and drink combinations, like Brut Sparkling with Mac & Cheese or Chianti and Pepperoni Pizza. Guests may be trying these interesting combinations for the very first time, which will make your event one to remember.


Craft Drinks From Around The World

The craft drinks movement has really taken off over the past two decades. There are now thousands of craft breweries, micro distilleries, and small wineries around the word, making excellent products.


Support these entrepreneurs by stocking your event’s bar with craft beer, craft gin, small batch whiskey, boutique wines and other craft products. Event attendees will enjoy trying these lesser-known drinks for the first time and supporting small businesses.


Big-Batch Cocktails

Big-Batch cocktails are large-scale cocktails that are served in punch bowls, pitchers, or beverage dispensers. You can have the bar make several of these cocktails then let guests pour their own drinks. This concept is fantastic for celebrations, as guests can serve themselves and don’t have to wait very long for a drink.


Some of the drinks that work really well when prepared in large batches include: the Mimosa, Sangria, Margarita, Pimm’s and Lemonade, Iced Tea, Peach Tea, Strawberry Rosé, Peach Punch, and the Blood Mary.


Mystery Drinks

Having a bartender create ‘mystery cocktails’ can be very exciting for event attendees. They will never know what to expect and may discover some interesting flavour combinations for the first time. If using this format, be sure to include allergy warnings with drinks.


Celebrity Drinks

Everyone has a favourite drink, including celebrities, politicians, and historical figures. For Beyonce, it’s a Long Island Ice Tea, while Oprah enjoys a Lemon Drop Martini and Jennifer Lawrence likes to kick back with aPina Colada.


Instead of having a standard bar, you can offer a drink menu that features the drinks favoured by the rich and famous. This will make your drink options more exciting and interesting for event attendees.


Use Unconventional Drink Combinations

Instead of sticking with the traditional combination of beer and wine, try something different. Some interesting options to consider include alcoholic smoothies, mulled wine, alcoholic ice cream, alcoholic bubble tea, vintage lemonade and spiked iced tea. These unusual drinks will certainly make your event memorable for guests.


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