7 Reasons To Use A Wedding Seating Plan

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 12 2020

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Wedding Seating Plan

Creating a wedding seating plan can sometimes feel like solving a complex jigsaw puzzle...

You must find a way to place each guest in a location where they will feel comfortable and have a great time during the wedding. This can be difficult, particularly if you have a diverse group of guests.


The difficulty associated with creating a seating plan prompts many couples to wonder if they should bother at all. However, there are several important benefits associated with a wedding seating plan, which make it worthwhile. This guide will share a few of those important benefits.


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Why Is A Wedding Seating Plan Useful?

1. It Helps You Keep Track Of Guest Preferences

Having a seating chart makes it simple to record additional information about each guest. For example, you could use a seating chart to specify the meal selection, dietary preferences, and food allergies associated with each guest. This information can then be shared with your catering company to ensure attendees get the correct food.


2. Dates Can Sit Together

If you are letting guests bring a plus one, it’s inevitable that someone will invite a new romantic interest. Now, imagine if you don’t have a seating plan and that guest ends up alone at a table with strangers. It would be an absolute nightmare for them. Your seating plan can be used to ensure that plus ones are seated next to the person who invited them.


3. Easier To Work With Vendors

If you have a seating plan available to share with vendors, it will make it much easier for them to do their job. This is particularly true for your catering team, as they will know the exact number of guests, what they are eating, and where they are sitting. This helps them serve meals more efficiently and ensures everyone enjoys their meal.


4. It’s Easier To Ensure Everyone Has A Seat

It’s surprisingly easy to miscalculate the number of guests attending your wedding if you don’t have a wedding seating plan. When you create a plan, you can ensure that everyone has a seat and a meal available. You can avoid the embarrassment of failing to provide for your guests.


5. People Can Find Their Seat Faster
Without a wedding seating plan, guests will have to rush into the venue and do their best to sit next to people they know. It can be a chaotic scene, with some people winding up seated next to strangers. It can also be very time consuming, with people swapping seats for several minutes.


When you provide a seating plan, your guests can learn where they are sitting before the event has even started. If they don’t consult the plan, they will be able to read the name tags on tables to find their seat quickly. Everyone will be calm as they find their seat, instead of rushing about in a panic.


6. You Can Control Who Sits Near You

It’s your big day, you should be surrounded by people you love. The last thing you would want is to be forced to sit next to your partner’s distant aunt or uncle, who may have a habit of drinking too much and burping loudly during their meal. With a seating plan, you can ensure that your table only contains your nearest and dearest friends and family members.


7. See How The Wedding Will Look

Modern seating planner apps are very sophisticated. They let you put in the precise dimensions of the venue, along with the exact locations of the seats and tables. Once this data is in the app, you can print complete layouts, making it easy to visualise how the event will look. Some apps can even create a 3D rendering of the venue, so you can get an accurate approximation of what the event will be like.