7 Reasons To Hire A Mobile Bar For Your Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 09 2020

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1 Entertainment Mobile Bar Hire

If you have decided to serve alcohol at your event, you might be interested in learning more about mobile bar hire.

A mobile bar is a fully equipped portable bar which is delivered to your event. Most mobile bars come with at least one professional bartender. This makes it easy to ensure your guests have access to delicious, professionally made drinks throughout the event.


But if you are on a tight budget, is it really worth hiring a mobile bar? To help you answer this question, this post will share several advantages of having a mobile bar at your event. To learn more, give 1 Entertainment a call on 0207 193 8029.


How Does A Mobile Bar Work?

The concept of a mobile bar is simple. A business will deliver a fully equipped bar to your event, which can be used to serve drinks to your guests. However, there are different ways the arrangement can work. Mobile bars are available as:


Fully Staffed Bars
A fully staffed bar includes all of the drinks, ingredients, glassware, and equipment you will need to run a bar at your event. It also includes at least one bar tender, who is responsible for preparing the bar area, serving drinks, and cleaning up. When you choose this type of mobile bar, you will need to work with the bar provider to decide which drinks will be available at the event.


Bar and Drinks
This option will include the mobile bar equipment, drinks, and glassware. However, it does not include a bar tender. This is a useful option if you have a friend or relative who is capable of running a bar.


Bar Only (Dry hire)
This involves hiring a mobile bar without any drinks and without a bar tender. This can a useful option if you have someone willing to bartend and want to serve your own selection of cocktails.


The way that guests use the bar can also vary. You can run the bar as:

Open bar
Guests can get any drink on the menu, without paying. The total cost of the drinks consumed will be calculated after the event has concluded. This is a popular option with guests, but it can become expensive for event organisers if there are some heavy drinkers in attendance.

Limited Open Bar
A limited selection of drinks will be available to guests for free, with guests having to pay for other drinks. It can also refer to a bar that is free for a certain time period, before switching to paid drinks only. This is a useful option for keeping costs under control at your event.

Cash Bar
Guests must pay for their own drinks.


What Are The Advantages Of Having A Mobile Bar?

#1 - Less Work

A mobile bar makes it easy to provide a wide range of delicious drinks to your guests. You can avoid the hassle of trying to organise bar equipment, glasses, ingredients, beers, and bottles of spirits. The mobile bar provider can handle all of the logistics for you, which simplifies your event planning process.


#2 - It’s More Affordable

You might be surprised to discover that hiring a mobile bar can make supplying drinks more affordable than doing it on your own. This is due to several factors:

• Mobile bars access liquor and ingredients at wholesale prices, which makes each drink more affordable

• Having a professional bar tender makes it easier to run a limited open bar or cash bar. This means the costs associated with supplying drinks can be limited more easily.

• If you run an open bar, you will only be charged for what is consumed and can set a ‘cut off’ so you don’t run up a large bill


#3 - A Bar Tender Can Handle Complex Cocktails

A professional bartender can make a huge variety of cocktails, including elaborate drinks with several ingredients. This is useful if you have sophisticated guests who are picky when it comes to the types of drinks they prefer. You will be able to keep these guests happy by providing perfectly made cocktails served very efficiently.


#4 - Less Stress During Your Event

Having a licensed bar tender at your event means attendees will receive delicious drinks that are served by a trained professional. Knowing that your guests are being looked after takes some of the stress out of the event, helping you relax. This is particularly useful for weddings, as you don’t want to be worrying about the delivery of drinks during your big day.


#6 - The Event Looks More Professional

If you want your guests to see your event as being professionally planned, you can’t ask them to pour their own drinks. They will expect to either be served drinks by waiters or have access to a bar staffed by experienced bar tenders.


#7 - A Great Way To Add Character To An Event

Mobile bars are visually attractive and can add a level of sophistication or style to an event. There are many types of mobile bars available, including vintage bars, modern bars, and bars which are transported in retro vehicles. Choosing a bar that is beautiful or interesting to look at can improve the design aesthetic of your event.


So there you have it, seven reasons to use a mobile bar at your next event. If you have any questions, please give 1 Entertainment a call on 0207 193 8029. We are one of the leading providers of mobile bars in the UK, thanks to our high-end bar equipment, professional approach, and talented bartenders.