7 Cool Birthday Party Themes for Teens and Tweens...

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Nov 22 2020

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Teen Birthday Party

The teenage phase has arrived. Gone are the days of enjoying ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme parties for kids. No more balloons, superheroes, or fairy tales. What is the perfect teen birthday party t

If you are looking for cool birthday ideas for your teenage child, herein is a list of some mesmerizing themes to cherish the birthday person.

1. Social Media Party

In this era of the Smartphone revolution, everyone is going gaga over the social media mania. If your kid has just stepped into the teenage, this is the ultimate theme to give a message that now they can also be on social media.

Among everything else, you can go for the Instagram theme. You can arrange for some personalized insta-themed coffee mugs, the insta logo cake, printable Instagram icons, etc.

2. Bonfire Party

Want to have a birthday bash in the winters?

Go for the bonfire-themed party for your teen this year. Make sure you have gathered enough wood that will keep burning during the party.

Your backyard can be the perfect venue for the bonfire party your teen will love enjoying with his/her friends. To win some more brownie points, have a BBQ food fiesta for the invitees. Your child will remember this for a long time.

3. Karaoke Party

Does your child love music?

Then there is nothing better than the karaoke party to enthuse the birthday person. The best part, you can set up the entire music environment right in your child’s bedroom.

You can do all this with a little setup with some spotlights, twirling disco lights, a karaoke machine, and a playlist of karaoke songs. Let the party run for a long time with a lot of singing, dancing, and merry-making.

4. Paintball Battle Party

This is a real colourful bonanza, and the kids will have a lot of fun throwing paintballs on the opponent team. Take your child and the rest of the invitees to a local paintball site.

After a tiring gaming afternoon, do take them for a savoury treat at the nearby restaurant. Include cupcakes, pizzas, hotdogs, and other items on the menu that the kids will enjoy taking mouthful bites.

Note:There is an age restriction at some paintball sites. So make sure that your child has attained the minimum age to play the games at the venue. Ask the kids to wear some extra layers of protective gear and clothes. The paintball throws may hurt if there is no protection.

5. Winter Wonderland Party

Does your child’s birthday come during the holidays?

Give a winter wonderland makeover to your party venue. If you are not too sure how to do it, an event management company can take care of everything- from decors to food.

For some DIY inspirations, you can create a snowman, use some artificial snow, scent setter, and winter wonderland decors.

6. Neon Party

Teens love disco, dance, music, and lots of fun. This is one of the best ways to create an awe-inspiring celebration at a teen’s birthday party. You can use almost anything from the blacklight, strobe lights, neon lights, neon colours, and of course, don’t forget the animal-printed bandanas.

Even when the kids will be dancing in the dark, the bright neon tints will glow all around. The icing on the cake, it’s a dance party with a twist.

7. Spa-Themed Party

This is one well-proven idea to enthral your teenage girl. Turn your living room into a spa for your daughter and some of her closest friends. You can create the perfect spa ambiance with some scented candles and gleam lights.

Have some easy-chairs for the girls to relax. You may even hire a salon specialist to do the spa treatment for the girls. Give them a break from the tiring studies and pamper them with special treatment.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, get the spa kit, some essential oils, and face towels for the job. For the best part, you may also take them to a spa clinic to pamper them on this auspicious day.

Wrap Up,

Birthday comes once a year, so we all expect something unique, exquisite, and memorable. Try these birthday party themes to wow a birthday person on this day.

While the above ones are only some inspirations, you can put in your thoughts to come up with something magnificent that will bring a smile to your child’s face.