6 Fun and Unique Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 28 2021

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Corporate events are a great way to get to know your colleagues outside of your working relationship. If you’re planning to host your next Christmas party, company anniversary or anything you can think of, consider mixing things up.


Here are some fun ideas to consider for your next corporate event.


Garden-Themed Party

If you’re hosting a corporate event during the afternoon, why not make it garden-themed? You can have a number of garden games set up for colleagues to enjoy. You can give it an afternoon tea feel and have everyone come in themed attire.


To finish it off, you can serve sweets and other desserts you would normally enjoy with a cup of tea. Why not try to get a running chocolate fountain as well?


Invite a Celebrity

Nothing quite rouses a crowd like a celebrity sighting. Host an event that no one will soon forget by inviting a local celebrity. You can even get the celebrity to host the event as well. The louder the personality, the more successful your event is likely going to be.


VR Dome

To start your event off with a bang, why not invest in a venue with a Virtual Reality (VR) Dome? It could open up new opportunities for presenting videos, slideshows, photos and more things you would expect to present during your corporate event. 


You can even sync your VR Dome presentation to a well-lit dance floor for the full effect. The whole thing will give off an immersive experience, making it memorable for anyone who will attend.


Interactive Bar

Everyone enjoys a good drink during corporate events. So why not make it more interesting? You can book a mobile bar where anyone can mix their own drinks. Aside from being a fun experience, your attendees could also learn a lot from it.


Carnival Games

If you’re into event theming, you can also consider other kinds of themes. For instance, you can do a carnival-themed party and have everyone participate in carnival games all over the venue. You can motivate them to join by including prizes, fun challenges and rewards for completing all of the games.


You can set the venue outdoors or indoors. To give the full carnival effect, you can even decorate your venue to look like a big tent. Include fun carnival elements such as bouncy castles, carnival food and minigames all over the venue. This will surely bring out the inner youth of your attendees.


Poker Night

Another theme that will help make your corporate event shine would be Poker Night. You can even go further and make everything casino-themed. Have everyone dress up and set up poker tables all around the venue.


You can also include other card games like blackjack and include poker chips that people can use. Nothing will motivate them more than prizes and money.    



To give your next corporate event some spice, it’s not a bad idea to incorporate some fun and unique elements to the get-together.  With these ideas, you will give your colleagues a sense of camaraderie and a night they’ll never forget.


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