5 Vital Tips to Plan a Successful Dog-Friendly Wedding Day

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 17 2021

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While weddings are fascinating and memorable, especially for the to-be-wedded couple, it can be pretty stressful and even tiresome. Unfortunately, stress levels can go even higher when you include your dog as part of the wedding. Whether you want them to hang around for the event or give them a role in the wedding, you need to consider various factors to ensure they do not run amok and cause havoc.

Today, we're going to talk about how you can plan your wedding to be dog-friendly to guarantee a memorable event:

1. Pick Carefully

When choosing a venue, wedding planner, photographer, or any other aspect of the wedding, you need to consider your dog. People will be meeting your dog, and you need to make sure they are up for it. Also, you need to note the additional costs and permits required for the dog to be part of your wedding. The last thing you want to do is leave people nervous about your dog because you didn't tell them about your plans.

2. Set a Role

Like how different people in the wedding will have different roles, your dog should have one too. Not only does this keep your dog busy, but it makes the wedding even more memorable. Just be sure to pick a role that fits your dog perfectly. For example, if your dog is quite rowdy, picking them as your ring bearer won't be a good idea. Rather, you can have the dog greet guests to welcome them to your fun and memorable wedding.

3. Plan Thoroughly

Just like how you would consider different aspects of your wedding in your planning efforts, your dog should be included, too. If you are having trouble ensuring that your plans not only satisfy your guests but your dog too, you can work with an experienced event planner to help you out. This way, you can come up with fun and creative decisions that will include your dog as much as possible.

4. Get a Caregiver

Someone will have to look after your dog, and chances are, your family members do not want to be the ones to look after them. After all, they're here to watch your wedding, not take care of the dog. As such, we highly recommend that you hire a caregiver or even ask a trustworthy friend to help you out. Their job is to keep the dog in check, ensuring that they do not end up ruining your dog.

5. Tell Your Guests

Communicate the fact that you want the dog to be part of your wedding to your guests. While the majority of them will love dogs, not all of them can be near one. That's because some people are allergic to dogs, and some may have a fear of dogs. To ensure that your guests are prepared for the occasion, let them know of the dog. 


At the end of the day, it is all about including your dog in your planning efforts and communicating the fact that you want the dog to be part of your wedding to everyone. This way, everyone, including you, can be thoroughly prepared to ensure their enjoyment when visiting your wedding. That said, if any of your guests should ask whether they can bring their dogs, let them know that it would be in their best interests to leave their dogs at home. Chances are, only your dog may be allowed on the premises, and you wouldn't want to see dogs left in hot cars.

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