5 Things to Look Out for in a Great Wedding DJ Setup

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 19 2021

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A sports photographer will need an entirely different equipment stack than someone who takes primary school pictures. Likewise, a wedding DJ uses specialised equipment than DJs of other niches. 

When hiring a DJ for your special day, you must know what to expect in a functional DJ setup. The quality and flow of your wedding program depend on it.

In this article, we'll be discussing what fundamental components you can expect from a wedding DJ and how these parts contribute to your wedding's overall success. Keep reading!

1. Laptop and DJ Controllers

Because most weddings take place in various cities or outside sites such as a beach or a farmhouse, your DJ should have safeguards in place to protect their equipment in transit.

DJ controllers eliminate the need to transport large mixers or turntables. A DJ controller and a laptop loaded with DJ software are more than enough. There are other software alternatives available, including Serato, RekordBox, and Traktor. Pioneer DDJSX3 is an example of a gig-ready controller.

A professional DJ will have this plus a laptop that's compatible with all DJ-ing software. Otherwise, you might be in for a hardware crash on your wedding day.

2. Controllers/Mixers

The mixer is the core of a DJ rig, and in today's digital media environment, DJs rely heavily on hybrid mixer/controller interfaces. DJ mixers come in a variety of forms and sizes to accommodate diverse DJing techniques. 

A turntablist (a DJ who mostly scratches and cuts on vinyl records) would often prefer a different kind of DJ mixer than a DJ who mixes house music on CDJs. 

A professional wedding DJ can work with any DJ mixer or controller, but they frequently choose devices that connect easily with their mobile equipment. As a result, many wedding DJs prefer mixers and controllers mounted in conventional 19-inch racks or have bespoke flight case choices for smooth integration into a mobile setup.

3. PA Speakers

PA Speakers can make your DJ and their mix stand out. Because some weddings are held in enormous cathedrals and receptions in vast banquet halls, you must ensure that they have the right speakers in tow. The right speakers will let you turn up the volume without worrying about losing quality.

In an average-sized banquet hall, two or four 15-inch speakers or subwoofers would suffice. If they have subwoofers, they won't need to transport amplifiers. JBL PRX, QSC K-Series, and PioneerDJ are some of the most potent speaker and subwoofer manufacturers.

A professional wedding DJ can tell you what speakers would be appropriate for your event area's size.

4. Lighting Equipment

Unless the wedding is held during the day, excellent lighting is essential for any wedding DJ setup. The lighting should be regulated on-demand, adjusting the colours and brightness of each light fixture simultaneously and without delay. This is possible using a DMX controller, which allows you to synchronise and control every light from the DJ booth. 

5. Microphones

Before heading to your wedding, make sure your DJ has a good set of microphones so that you and your family, as well as the best man, can give their speeches. Wireless mics, on the other hand, are the recommended setup for practical reasons. 

You won't have to worry about any guests tripping over if you use wireless mics. You can now buy various USB microphones that you can charge by plugging them directly into a computer.


These are the fundamental components you'll have to look out for in a DJ's setup. It's wise to interview them about their equipment stack before booking their service for your special day. Otherwise, you might have to make some compromises and stumble around for equipment on the date.

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