5 Easy-To-Pull-Off and Exciting Themes for Your Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 04 2022

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What is that one thing that ties your entire event together? A great theme, of course! A theme is essentially what sets the direction for the event. Whether it be an office party or a product launch, a theme will lay the foundation of how everything looks, feels, and is about.

That being said, if you're trying to look for event theming ideas because your creative juices are running low, worry not! Here are some themes that are not only exciting but are also easy to pull off:


1. The Ocean

If you were to ask anyone what the ocean reminds them of, they would probably say things like seashells, dolphins, and so on. So, why not incorporate those elements into your event? They will surely serve as a great source of inspiration for your party.

You may try to incorporate some decor that resembles coral reefs and underwater sea life, with a hint of teal for that extra pop. You may also want to integrate some teal in your table centrepieces, as well as your party favours.


2. Viking

If you want your party to be super exciting and adventurous, you can also have a Viking party! The Vikings were known to be fierce, and they were also really creative when it came to technology. If you're going to have a Viking theme, you can have some elements of traditional Viking culture, and you can also have some elements of the future, such as technology.

To set off your party, you can have some Viking-like props, such as shields and spears, to really make your party have an authentic Viking feel. You may also want to get some Viking-esque decorations, like shields and horns. You may even want to have a Viking feast served to you and your guests.


3. A Garden Theme

Gardens are always a great addition to any event. Garden themes are a bit different from other themes because the mood is very chill and relaxed. You can pull off this theme with some great figurines and sculptures that resemble gardens, and you may also want to include some flowery decorations, such as vases, cutouts, and other floral paintings.

You can also include some statues of animals and lovely flower arrangements. These are all great ideas for a garden theme.


4. The Wild West

If you're going for a wild west theme, you should have some elements of the wild west, such as horses and guns. You can have a great western dinner, with a lot of steak on your menu, and you can also have a lot of dessert at the end of your dinner.

Depending on how big the dinner is, you may want to have some western-themed props, such as cowboy hats and toy guns.


5. Steampunk

The steampunk theme consists of mostly steam-powered machines, which are often powered by clockwork, so you should include some aspects of it in your event. You may have some generators and some gears, and you may have some steam-powered machines in your event, as well.

Plus, with a steampunk theme, you can have some steampunk-inspired decor and party favours, such as steampunk masks and steampunk-themed jewellery.



These are just some of the great event theming ideas that you can use to help you make your event look great. Now, you don't have to be creative or imaginative to come up with an event theme. Just use these themes as a starting point, and you'll be on your way to creating a great event! Of course, please check out other themes like Halloween and the like. They're all exciting and easy to pull off!

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