5 Delectable Desserts to Make Your Wedding Even Sweeter

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Oct 18 2021

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A wedding simply isn’t a wedding without a little sweetness in it. While wedding cakes are a staple wedding dessert, it wouldn’t hurt to have just a bit more than that during the reception. If you aren’t as big a fan of wedding cakes, or you just want to try something new, there are other desserts you can try.

Here are several delicious wedding desserts to serve on your special day!


Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate is one of the most versatile dessert flavours in existence. It can be a cake, a muffin or a doughnut. But perhaps its most wedding-worthy iteration is the chocolate mousse. Soft and creamy, this dessert is guaranteed to be beloved by wedding guests of any age.

This cream-filled, almost pudding-like confection is typically served in a small glass and topped off with whipped cream. The mousse itself could come in various flavours, including coffee, white chocolate or even hazelnut. A simple dessert, the elegance of its presentation will surely blend in with any formal wedding theme.


Crème Brulee

With its crunchy, caramelised outside and its creamy, gelatinous inside -- who couldn’t resist a good crème brulee? The tangy taste of the caramel and the sweet taste of the vanilla pudding when eaten all at once, make the perfect combination.

It’s hard not to want to break the caramelised top with a spoon and dig into this creamy goodness. Simple and elegant yet delectable, this dessert is definitely something you want to have on your wedding day.


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Nothing will bring back good memories more than the sticky toffee pudding. A famous holiday dessert, sticky toffee pudding is a staple of any Christmastime meal, especially in the ‘70s. But don’t be fooled, the sweet taste of sticky toffee pudding goes beyond being simply a traditional holiday dessert.

With the right garnish and plating, a good sticky toffee pudding will be an excellent addition to your wedding menu. Top it off with vanilla ice cream to melt perfectly above the toffee, and serve with a side of caramel sauce.


Crepes Suzette

The zap of this zesty, tangy dessert will surely make your wedding guests feel more energetic and buzzed. If your wedding happens to fall on peak orange season, then we absolutely recommend that you try this out. 

Crepes Suzette consists of your usual crepe topped off with an orange-butter glaze. For a twist on this classic, you could even have chefs flambé this dessert as a show for your guests. It will leave them both hungry and in awe.



Ah, the English classic. Who doesn’t love a good trifle? Every English home has its own coveted trifle recipe, and serving this delicious dessert at your wedding will have guests clamouring for more.

While it is more popular around the Christmas season, trifles are a confection enjoyed on any occasion. Try out different spins on the classic trifle for your wedding! Incorporate some chocolate into it, or even some classic holiday flavours.



There’s no such thing as too many desserts, especially on your wedding day. Expand your sweets selection by choosing delicacies that you and your wedding guests will enjoy and reminisce about for years to come.

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