Top 5 Birthday Party Ideas You Can Throw in London

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Nov 02 2021

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It’s your birthday, and you deserve the best! So, why not celebrate it in one of the best places in the world, which is in London. The city has its well-earned reputation as a global culture and nightlife capital. With that said, it’s a perfect place to throw your birthday bash because you and your guests will surely enjoy the beauty of the place. 

If you need help with what kind of birthday party you should throw in London, here are some of the best ideas you can consider: 


1. Celebrate It in Dance Clubs

Make your birthday party the best by celebrating it in dance clubs! You’ll surely have a night with no regrets when you get your groove together with your friends and families. You can even have a long night of drinking and fun. Don’t worry about being carefree because it’s your birthday anyway! So, look for a perfect dance club to celebrate your birthday. Different dance clubs in London can accommodate parties like birthdays. Most of them can even offer a range of experiences to help you get your groove on.


2. Hire a Private Bus

Celebrate you by hiring a private bus. You’ll definitely wow your guests with this, making your party one for the books. It’s a one of a kind experience wherein you can party while on wheels. You can even enjoy the beauty of London while enjoying the company of your nearest and dearest. 

London has this double-decker bus that can accommodate a large guest list, and you can even choose the sort of bus you prefer. You can have a vintage bus or a specialised bus with gaming options or a dance floor. 


3. Join Themed Tours

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can use that as an inspiration for your party. You don’t have to go to the Warner Bros Studios for a Harry Potter Tour, which is pretty expensive. You can just choose alternatives that are being offered in London. The city offers free and paid themed tours that can show you far more of wizarding London than just Kings Cross Station. Some even provide extra activities that you and your friends can truly enjoy. 


4. Celebrate It with a Story

If you want a more intimate but thrilling birthday party, you can celebrate it by joining storytelling events. If you think it’ll be boring, you’re mistaken because London’s nightlife storytelling event features a range of topics, from scary and thoughtful to emotional stories. You can join in at London Dreamtime. They are professional storytellers known for their enthralling and dreadful tales presented in the dark and hidden spots in London’s streets, graveyards and abandoned buildings. 


5. Celebrate It with a View

Since you’re in London, you should definitely not miss out on its amazing skyline. You’ll appreciate your birthday more if you see London’s wonderful view. The city is known for its numerous rooftop dining establishments with their gorgeous view of London’s skyline, so you’ll never run out of choices. 



Your birthday celebration should be a day to remember. So, you should choose a birthday bash that is worthy of remembering. How you will celebrate it is entirely up to you. What’s important is you choose whatever it is that will make you happy. It’s your birthday so make sure you’ll have a fantastic time!

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