4 Unique Ways to Keep You Wedding Guests Entertained

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 10 2021

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Every bride's dream is to have an eventful wedding that people will remember for many years to come. However, this can prove difficult knowing how challenging it is to plan entertainment for wedding guests of all age groups.


Sure, you can stick with traditional forms of enjoyment for a failsafe plan, but that's nowhere near fun or memorable at all. So to help you out in planning your wedding's entertainment, here are four unique and amusing ways to entertain guests during your wedding day.


1. Bouncy Castles

Setting up bouncy castles for weddings is an excellent choice to keep the young ones busy and amused. As everyone is aware, children find wedding ceremonies a tad bit boring. Thus, most of them throw fits and tantrums throughout the event. This disruptive behaviour can ruin a memorable day as guests pay more attention to wailing children than the program itself. So to prevent commotions like this from happening, it would be wise to have some source of entertainment for young wedding guests.


However, this isn't just perfect for kids. If your theme for the wedding relates to festivals or carnivals, bouncy castles can be a marvellous way to entertain guests that are young at heart.


2. Rodeo Bulls

It might seem bizarre to have a rodeo bull at your wedding, but it makes for a memorable entertainment piece that your guests will probably talk about for the next couple of months. And to make things more exciting, it would be nice to set up a friendly competition between guests over who can ride the bull the longest. Of course, an appealing prize is a must in the end, so it's best to prepare something grand beforehand.


While you're at it, do remember to set some rules in place to keep the fun going. It's crucial to be a bit strict when riding rodeo bulls as it has its risks. Thus, you must enforce rules and regulations that will keep your loved ones safe.


3. Casino Tables

Most party planners in London looking for unorthodox entertainment options usually settle on hiring blackjack, roulette and poker casino tables. While it is uncommon to find casino tables at weddings, there is no harm in trying out this unique concept, as it can prove to be a strange idea enough to make your event unforgettable.


4. Bespoke Entertainment

If bouncy castles, rodeo bulls and casino tables aren't your style, you can opt for a bespoke entertainment option to customize your plan. For this, you will have to work hand-in-hand with your party planner to set up customized booths for enjoyment.


Additionally, you can seek help and advice from an event entertainment agency that offers a comprehensive collection of amusement services in organizing everything. Reaching out to service providers can even lighten your load as you can rely on them to hire pieces of equipment you need.



Admittedly, it is pretty tricky to come up with excellent wedding entertainment ideas that no one ever thought of before. Indeed, thinking outside the box can help, but that can only aid you up to some extent, especially when you don't have any background, experience and knowledge in planning a wedding.


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