3 Corporate Event Themes for Your Next Company Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Oct 11 2021

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You might find it daunting to plan corporate events in London to give every employee and staff a good time. However, it is crucial to choose a suitable event theme, to help you organise a successful one.

It probably has to be something relevant to the corporate culture. More so, it needs to be inclusive to cater to everybody regardless of age and personality. On top of all that, you will have to create an event based on your organisation's budget. 

While it might sound impossible to do, fear not! Keep reading as this post will give you the three best corporate event themes for an unforgettable company party.


1. Carnival-Inspired Corporate Event

You might feel surprised to know that it's possible to get a carnival-inspired event theme for a corporate party. For this theme, you could create an event that sets itself apart from others. They could be a little more sophisticated, from decorating to serving food by putting an upscale twist. 

In particular, you can put up a big-top tent or consider circus-tent-inspired patterns with bulb lights that have bright colours. Meanwhile, you can serve turkey corn dogs and ketchup on fries for the food. A carnival-themed drink can also do its trick and bring up childhood memories.


2. Dance Through the Decades

While you may desire to choose a theme about dancing, you might find it hard to pick a genre of a certain period, probably a decade. If you have the same thoughts, it will be best to have a dance theme through the decades. Dance the night away with all the greatest hits for every decade and dress up accordingly, as well.

For this theme, you can decorate your office with memorabilia from the '50s to the 21st century. It will probably help you select one to two primary theme colours for each decade and ensure that they complement each other. If you want, you may get a dancefloor hire in London, too.

When it comes to the food and beverage to serve at the party, you should have no problem with that. Since the theme incorporates various trends from the past to the present, you can mix and match the options to satisfy everyone’s appetite. 


3. Hollywood 

Many people love movies and would desire to have the chance to get treated as if they were stars in the films. Hence, a Hollywood-inspired theme can come in handy.

You might wonder how this theme would work, and it's easy. All you need to do is rent out a local movie theatre, or if that's out of budget, you can rent any place where you can roll out a red carpet. 

For the food and beverage, popcorn or any light snacks and soda can do the trick. If you want to make it feel classier, go all out with lobster and steak with champagne and wine. 


Final Thoughts

A well-off corporate party is about making the night fun for all employees and staff, so ensure to consider these top three themes. If you need help with the decorations and activities, you may hire event theming experts to do the job.

Here at 1 Entertainment, we offer corporate event packages to help you organise a get-together for everyone in the company, even for parties to impress potential clients. With over fifteen years of experience in the sector, you can expect creativity and expertise at the same time. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your ideas!