24 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 12 2021

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When it is your big day, nothing short of the best is acceptable. Even a glitch can cause unrest keeping you at bay from enjoying the lifetime event. If you have elite people on the guest list, such

This can be a daunting task. If you are fortunate enough to find a recommendation from your friend, then it’s good to proceed. But if not, there are things to focus on before hiring someone.

Music is Heart and Soul of Wedding Entertainment

Music is an integral part of marriage ceremonies. From the commencement of the ceremony to the final farewell, music plays a key role in igniting the ceremonial mood and ambiance at the venue.

You may want to play the:

  • Prelude- when the attendees are taking their seats
  • Processional- when the bride walks down the aisle
  • Recessional- when the wedded couple leaves the venue walking back down the aisle
  • To bring everyone to the dance floor at the reception

Only a professional musician knows what type of music to play during each of the above parts of the ceremony. Anything goes wrong, and you end up finding people with raised eyebrows all around.

What to ask a wedding DJ?

After years of experience in the event entertainment industry, we know why you must ask questions before choosing a wedding DJ London.

Herein we have provided the list of essential questions you must ask during the consultation along with the reasons why they impact the decision-making.

Start with the Basics

If this does not work out, there is no need to proceed with the next set of questions.

1.Are you available on my wedding date?

If the disc jockey or the band is not available on the date, there is no point in taking the discussion ahead.

2.How long have you been performing at the events?

When it is a big event, only professionals can handle the job to perfection. If your DJ’s portfolio talks of volunteer performances, it is up to you to consider whether this is the right person for your event.

Vital Music Questions

3.What genres do you play?

It is good to hire someone comfortable performing in multiple genres. There will be something for the masses at the party.

4. Can you provide me a list of wedding songs?

5. Can you help us choose the best songs for the prelude, reception, and other parts of the ceremony?

It’s absolutely fine if you are in jeopardy when choosing the best songs for the nuptial event. It is a cordial gesture of the DJ to help his clients in choosing the songs. Getting a list of songs well in advance helps you to do a bit of research. You may then select the songs to play at the event, request something in mind, etc.

6. How do you motivate the guests to dance at the party?

7. Do you accept song requests from the crowd?

Asking this helps you to understand the capability of the person or the team to engage and entertain your guests. You don’t intend to make the party be a boring affair for your loved ones.

Note: If you have certain hindrances, please feel free to provide the ‘Do-Not-Play’ list to your DJ before the event starts. You may not want to play songs that are not suitable for the event. This is a good idea to avoid things that may spoil the mood of the guests.

Equipment and Stage Setup

8. What equipment do you use at a wedding event?

9. Do you provide the stage, lights, etc.?

Some entertainment companies offer comprehensive packages such as lights, dance floor hire London, and others.

10. Do you provide wireless microphones?

11. How much space do you require for the stage setup?

Pricing and Contract

You have a budget for everything. It is very important to be as open as possible about the costs and things included. Herein are the questions you must ask:

12. What is your rate?

13. What is included in the rate? Are there any extra charges for travel, special requests, etc.?

14. How much do you charge for extra hours?

15. When do I need to pay the deposit? Is there a provision for a payment plan? Can I pay the dues after the wedding?

16. When will I get the written contract?

17. What is the refund/cancellation policy?

18. How many days before the event should I do the bookings?

19. Do you have liability insurance?

20. What will be your arrival and departure time?

21. How much time do you need for setup and pack up?


22. What outfits do you usually wear while performing at wedding events?

This may look a bit awkward to you but, it is part of the discussion. If you want a formal wedding, the guests may expect the DJ in a three-piece suit and a bow. However, if you are looking for a casual event, you may also ask the team to come in informal dresses.

23. Is there anything that we should know or discuss before signing the contract?

At this point, when you feel that you have no more questions left, you may ask this to ensure that everything has been discussed. If the provider has anything to explain, this gives a fair chance.

24. Do you want to know anything from us?

Now that you have showered a series of queries, it is his turn to ask the necessary questions. This is etiquette people appreciate when you work together. It’s easy to proceed if things are cleared upfront.

Wrapping Up,

I hope this article has given you the information about what to know about the wedding DJ hire for an event in the UK.

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