Corporate Event Photo Booth Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 09 2022

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green screen photo booth

In recent years, picture booths have been used at corporate conventions and parties. They are simply known to make engagement and the creation of memorable photos easier.

Through the use of photo booths, guests of an event may snap photographs in a photo booth. Traditional photo booths print your picture, but modern ones allow for digital sharing. People can even take customised mementoes home from photo booths, bringing life and adding value to memories. 

Moreover, a photo booth could be a great way to meet new people and network. Photo booths can be used to advertise a business, product, or event. They are fun and interactive promotional tools from which businesses can benefit.

Read on to discover this year’s top corporate event photo booth trends to watch out for.

The Augmented Reality

Guests can now take images using cutting-edge technology in augmented reality photo booths. It can also be futuristic or steampunk in nature. This is ideal for futuristic themes and is great for organisations who want to sell a previously unavailable product or service.

The Digital Mosaics

For digital mosaics, individual photographs are taken in photo booths. The photographs are then magnified to form a big digital mosaic. 

The massive image you construct from little photographs offers endless possibilities. This could be photographs and portraits that can be turned into a larger portrait. This is ideal for businesses to promote a product while allowing guests to anticipate an enjoyable activity.

The Green Screen Technology

Green screen photo booths are perfect for creative businesses. Any background can be made using a green screen. This is an excellent motif for a daring, boundary-pushing event that inspires travel, adventure, and entertainment.

The Glam Shots

A glam booth uses professional lighting and cameras to create professional-looking images using filters and colour adjustments that allow each subject to shine. Everyone is dressed to the nines, and each function appears to be lavish. This photo booth is perfect for special occasions.

The Interactive Video

Next-generation photo booths have interactive video technology where guests can create scenarios and use their imagination and creativity. This easily makes photography fun and interesting!

The QR Code Technology

The use of QR codes in a photo booth modernises the photo booth experience. Guests can access images by scanning a QR code with their devices.

Through this, preregistration can eliminate on-site administration. It is a quick and easy way to get images in a timely manner. Perhaps all you need is a speedy computer system and a strong Wi-Fi connection.

This is ideal for companies that are concerned with social media or the environment. You will receive all of the photographs, without needing to print or use more materials.

The 360-Degree Footage

A 360-degree camera may take panoramic photos and films of photo booth visitors. Guests can share images and videos via social media, increasing the event's exposure. It is excellent for organisations that want to document their event uniquely.


If you’re looking for more reasons to hire a photo booth for your next corporate event, simply look into these seven photo booth trends that you and your guests can enjoy. Whether you’re looking to expand your business, celebrate milestones, or promote products or services, a party with a great photo booth is one thing you will definitely want to have. As such, don’t miss out on this opportunity to throw an awesome business event!

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