15 Stunning Wedding Decoration Ideas for the Wow Venue Makeover

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 24 2021

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Wedding Decor

If you have already found the dream wedding venue, the next step is to plan the decoration part. Whether you have booked an indoor banquet hall, a marquee venue, or using the patio area at home, the w

In this article, we have incorporated some trendy wedding decoration ideas. You can use some of them to rejig the appearance of the available space. 
Whether you are working with a wedding planner for event theming London or need a few decorative elements installed at the venue, these ideas can help. 

1.    Welcome Sign Board
The signboard is the first thing to grab the attention right at the entrance. The wedding signage is usually placed near the gate or outside the door of the banquet hall to welcome your guests. 
From classic chalkboard easels to innovative graphics, there are umpteen options to choose from depending on your choice and budget.  

2.    Centrepiece 
The centrepiece is crafted to have a gripping effect on the guests approaching the table. You can create magic with a crystal vase full of fresh blooms, small potted succulents, and so much more. 
Today people go to the extent of replacing old-fashioned flower vases with fruit bowls, faux flowers, foliage garlands, showpieces enclosed in cloches, and so much more. 

3.    Illuminated Dance Floor 
Festive lights are an integral part of the wedding decors. 
Why keep them away from the dance floor?
Forget the traditional wooden dance floors with lights on all sides. Choose the sassy luminescent dance floor hire London. They are so refreshing and appealing. The brightness invigorates the mood to attract everyone to join the dance party on the stage.  

4.    Starlit Backdrop
The backdrop of your stage is no less important than the dance floor. Today there are so many ways to use fairy LED lights to create awesome glittering backdrops. 
The starlit curtain backdrop is just the right option for the evening reception ceremony. It adds brilliance to space giving you the perfect photo background to take a lot of selfies. 

5.    Giant Light-up Letters
It is a trendy idea to replace the stage backdrop with oversized dazzling letters. Many couples use the words like ‘MR. and MRS.’, LOVE, etc. 
When choosing giant letters, make sure the hues of the alphabets match the colour theme (if you are using any). Usually made in white, they are so cool to steal the show at an instance. 

6.    Decorative Chair Covers
The wedding decorations are incomplete without the seating arrangements. When there is so much on the table, don’t miss it for the Chiavari chairs. Customize the look with some drapes and contrast glossy ribbons. 

7.    Wall Hangings
Wall hangings are magical props to give a charming look all around the venue. Fairy light curtain, macramé, embellished photo frame, or tapestry, the choice is all yours. 

8.    Chandeliers 
From the stereotyped large golden lights to contemporary fairy light ceiling hangings, chandeliers are extremely popular wedding decoration pieces. Today you can find fancy ceiling lights of various sizes. Hang them in varying heights to get the ultra-deluxe decorations. 

9.    Rice Paper Lanterns
We hate the traditional paper lanterns made of wires, bamboo rings, and other materials. They aren’t biodegradable in nature and contribute to landfills. 
If you love the country theme paper lanterns, use rice papers. They are made of 100% safe plant fibre and biodegradable too. 

10.    Hanging Drapes
If you love the clutter-free ceiling, use hanging drapes from the roof to the floor. They look great on high ceilings like a chandelier but with a gleam semblance. You can twist or fold the drapes to experiment with different styles, tie them to the pillars all around, etc. 

11.    Suspended Floral Garlands
Want the dense ceiling decoration?
You can never go wrong with suspended wisteria hangings. There are so many hues to match your colour choice. Mixed with foliage, these are just the perfect choice for a nature theme wedding. 

12. Potted Flowers and Succulents
Yet another splendid idea for nature theme wedding, using potted flowers and succulents are eco-friendly venue decoration options. Be kind to the mother earth by minimizing the use of cut flowers. They add more trash after the event. 
You can keep the potted plants for as long as you take care of them at home. They make great decors on the table, near the windows, and elsewhere for the afternoon events. 

13. Flower Walls    
Looking for a magnificent background for your wedding photos?
Nothing can replace the breath-taking appeal of the flower walls. You can find several colour options to get the contrast with your bridal outfit. Generally made of artificial flowers, they are easy to preserve for future use. 

14. Beeswax Candles 
Do you want an eco-friendly theme wedding?
If you are already replacing plastics, foils, and other harmful objects, choose beeswax candles for table decorations. The most biodegradable and non-hazardous material you can use with peace of mind. 
There are so many ways to place candles- ornate candelabras, mason jars, coloured glasses, and so much more. 
Some venues do not allow using candles as per their safety norms. You may replace them with LED candles on the tables. 

15. Colourful Fabric Bunting
Whether you want an outdoor or indoor wedding, the vibrant fabric buntings give an extra edge to your venue decors. Go for buntings if you have chosen a rustic wedding theme. 
You can pair the buntings with stacked wooden crates and paper lanterns. 
Note: The abovementioned list of wedding decoration ideas is based on popular décors in trend. However, if you have planned a theme wedding, there is a lot to do while sticking to your theme- rustic, vintage, colour contrast patterns, etc. 
You don’t have to go overboard with too many decors. It is all about having a classy yet clutter-free ambiance. 
Are you looking for unique wedding venue decoration ideas?
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