12 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Cherish Your Guests

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 17 2021

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Wedding Entertainment

There are lots of proceedings on the wedding day. Depending on the chosen timeline, the duration can range from 9 am to 12 pm. Now, this a long time gap.

It is an engaging affair in the morning while taking photos with the couple, meeting friends and relatives after a long time, and so on. However, the boredom starts soaring high as the afternoon appears. 
Wedding entertainment does a lot to rejuvenate the mood, shun the formal stuff, break the ice, and finally helps to keep the guests happy and engaged for long hours. 
Herein the entertainment company UK takes the centre stage. With professionals taking care of everything, you can relax and focus on special moments on the big day. 
Whether you are doing all of it yourself or working with a wedding planner, it is vital to incorporate a few amusements for the guests. 
In this post, we have included a list of wedding entertainment ideas to mesmerise the attendees at the ceremony. 
1.    Wedding DJ and Band Music
The wedding ceremonies are not possible without music. When the professional wedding DJ London is on the stage to handle this job, you are relaxed that everyone at the event will enjoy the performances. The renowned DJs in the capital city use only top-rated equipment for producing quality audio output. 
If you have already found the best DJ in town, gear up for some of the best performances on the dance floor. 
2.    Casino Games
You may not see a casino game at a party too often. However, with a table set up for poker, roulette, or blackjack, you can see a lot of enthusiasts around. Make sure the provider also sends a well-trained staff to manage the games. 
3.    Fireworks and Crackers
This is spectacular entertainment at a summer outdoor wedding. If you have hired a marquee ground for the entire night, there should be enough space for the fireworks display. If you are confident about the safety measures, everyone can have an incredible experience watching the dazzling fireworks with the panoramic view of the sky in the backdrop. 
Quirky Wedding Entertainment for Kids
4.    White Bouncy Castle
Children are no less important guests at your marriage ceremony. Don’t let the long reception party become a boring affair for them. This is why people consider hiring bouncy castles for weddings. If you are getting married at home and have some outdoor space, this can be a real feat for the little angels at the party. 
5.    Magic Show 
Not only children but people of all ages love magic. Today the magicians at the parties or any form of events perform acts with a touch of humour. Be prepared to wow your guests with a range of thrilling performances.  
Gourmet Wedding Entertainment
Do you want culinary wedding entertainment ideas?
It’s delightful to savour the delectable noshes during the cocktail hour. The food station is the favourite corner for all to find some refreshments, snacks, etc. Herein are some excellent options to bestow a treat for the taste buds. 
6.    Mobile Bar
Now the wedding party and the reception is incomplete with a dedicated bar. All you need to have peace of mind is the proper arrangement to serve professionally made drinks for the guests. 
We recommend our high-profile clients opt for fully staffed portable bar hire. No one wants to serve unprofessionally prepared drinks at the wedding party. Only an experienced bartender can handle the job with excellence. 
Mobile bars are fully customizable depending on your venue size, indoor/outdoor parties, and so much more. Whatever be your choice, there is always the right package to suit your needs. 
7.    Luscious Confectioneries 
It’s an awesome surprise to find a cute sweet cart at the venue with a serving of 10 different types of assorted desserts. Spoil the sweet tooth with loads of candies, chocolates, cookies, and so much more. 
8.    Freshly Made Popcorns
The modern generation is health-conscious. Those who love low-calorie snacks will surely love to find the funfair style popcorns freshly prepared in a machine and seasoned with flavoured spices, sugar, and salt. 
9.    Chocolate Fountain
Now that’s an ecstatic addition to the culinary delights. This is gonna wow people of all ages. Allow your guests to dip fresh fruits, snacks, and sweets in flavoured chocolate dips. You may choose from a range of sizes of chocolate fountains for rent. 
Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Self-Indulgence 
Sometimes guests desire to have fun activities either alone or with a group of friends. A corner for self-indulgence is a peaceful area for them. The following items are becoming hugely popular at parties and events to engage the guests for hours: 
10.    Personalised Guest Book 
Now there are so many ways to replace the traditional guest book. Today you can find numerous ideas to facilitate the guests to write heartfelt wishes for the newly wedded couple. 
This comes in every budget and type. You may keep a series of blank heart-shaped papers where the guests can write the messages. Keep an empty box on the table where they can put the papers. 
11.    Photo Booth
Photo booths are rewarding for the hosts as well as the guests. It is one of the most affordable wedding entertainment ideas with too many benefits. This photography technology allows you to engage people for hours during the cocktail hour. The guests can take prints of their snaps instantly and preserve them as a memento. These photos can be ideal wedding favours everyone at the ceremony will appreciate. You can even create a photo book with a copy of all the prints. 
12.    Selfie Magic Mirror and Funky Props
People never seem to keep away from taking selfies with their smartphones. With the magic mirror on the wall, you will see many girls taking multiple shots in cool props. 
You may opt for both- the wedding photo booth and the magic mirror or you can opt for any one of the items. Whatever you do, your guests will have a lot of fun taking the snapshots.   
Do you want to hire wedding entertainment?
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