12 Reasons to a Hire Bouncy Castle for Kids Birthday Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 25 2021

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Call it a bouncy, jumping or inflatable castle children have hours of unlimited fun jumping on it.

Still, wondering if bouncy castle hire London is worthy enough?

Below are some reasons to include the bouncy castle in the list of essential items for the kids at the birthday party bash.

1. Safe Outdoor Activity

Jumping castles have cushion soft floor and walls on the sides. This makes the entire set up a safe zone for the children to indulge in hours of sheer pleasure.

2. Engage Kids in Physical Activities

Children must do some form of physical exercise every day at least for half an hour. When they are around the inflatable castle, nothing is stopping them from playing.

3. Teach Your Child to Socialize

No one jumps alone inside the bouncy castle. Your little angel will join so many other kids. It helps the children to socialize from an early age.

Do you want to get rid of the shyness and introvert behaviour in your kid?

This does all the trick to serve your purpose.

4. Timeless Joyful Activity

Don’t have any birthday party games or activities?

The children will lose the joy and enthusiasm of staying longer at the venue. Kids are never bored of jumping in the bouncy castle.

5. Keep them Away from the Digital World

Nowadays, parents struggle to keep the youngsters away from video games. Give your child the right platform to drift apart from the virtual platform and step into the real world full of attractions all around.

6. Multiple Health Benefits

With the advent of the pandemic, kids are mostly staying indoors. The prolonged school holidays, online studies, and addiction to video games keep them seated on a chair. You may even find them loll on the couch watching their Doremon animation series for hours.

Give them a break from the boredom and laziness. The bouncy castle is an activity zone. No one enters inside to sit down and do nothing at all. Let them stay active throughout the day without scolding or forcing them to go out into the nearby playground.

This form of jumping exercise helps to develop stamina, balancing skills, boosts spatial awareness, etc.

7. Affordable Outdoor Game for All Kids Events

It costs a lot to avail of party entertainment rentals at an expensive venue. If you have some free space in the home garden it’s great to opt for bouncy castle hire Surrey, Kent, Essex, and adjacent areas.

8. Beautiful Designs, Colours, Sizes

One of the major problems when hiring party games for kids is repetitiveness. Children don’t like to have the same thing around for every event. Thankfully, there are so many design variations to wow your kid every time.

9. Find the Best Suit for Themed Birthday Party

If you have a splendid birthday party theme in mind, don’t let the design of your bouncy castle spoil it.

Do you want a snow-themed birthday party this summer?


Go for a pristine white bouncy castle hire in Essex or adjacent areas to match the color theme.


10. Jumping Castle is for everyone

Kids love jumping inside the inflatable castles so do we all. If the hectic schedules are posing hindrances from spending time with your children, don’t let the opportunity go in vain. Join the kids in hours of togetherness. You will love taking some cool selfies therein. There is so much to get the perfect Instagram shots.

11. Shun the Boredom

The stay-at-home dilemma after the COVID-19 outbreak has been quite stressful for everyone. Kids and pets have gone through a lot during the past year.

A theme party with a jumping castle play zone is incredible and refreshing for the children to get rid of boredom for at least a day.

12. Scope to Create Something Awesome

The inflatable castle is not just a bland structure where everyone can keep jumping all day long. This will seem monotonous after some time.

Spice up the entire setup with something interesting. You can do almost anything- keep some obstacles and challenges, create a princess tower, splash up in the water slides during summer, to mention only a few.

Types of Bouncy Castle for Hire

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing the jumping castle design. Herein are some popular choices to find some inspiration:

  • Combo Inflatables- Don’t settle for just a castle. You can have much more. Have a castle with an inflatable slide alongside for double fun.
  • Obstacle Tunnels- Some jumping castles are designed to perfection with so much to explore as you get inside. To feel the thrill, some party organizers even set up a ghost house inside the castle.

As you keep moving through the cushioned walls and floor, there will be several challenges to cross before reaching the endpoint. You can even have a competition for the kids. It’s exciting to find who the winner is.

  • Water Slides- Kids can get hurt sliding through the rigid water slides. These are for adults only. Kids can have fun running down the water slides in cosy, comfortable inflatable structures.
  • Inflatable Running Tracks: Jumping on the bouncy castles may not be something to excite an adolescent child. Pose a challenge to run through the inflatable tracks to see how fast they can complete the race. Watch them falling and losing balance. Don’t worry. It all happens in a safe and no-risk surrounding.


Wrapping it all up,

Ask any child the inflatables are all about fun and adventure for the kids. This year, you have all the reasons to hire a wonderful party game for your child without spending a fortune.

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