12 Great Summer Party Themes

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 29 2020

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Summer Event Themes

Summer is the perfect time of year to throw a party. The longer days and warm weather means you can have the party outside and make the most of the great outdoors.

However, to ensure your summer party is a success, it is important to choose a theme. A theme will make the party more intriguing to guests and be a more enjoyable experience. To help you choose a summer party theme, this post will share 12 popular options.


Pineapple Party

Pineapple is the quintessential summer fruit. In addition to being deliciously sweet and the perfect ingredient in a refreshing summer drink, pineapple goes reallywell in cocktails. Your pineapple themed summer party can have pineapple decorations, pineapplecakes, pineapple clothing, pineapple cocktails, and much more. The event will be quirky, fun, and memorable.


Mexican Fiesta

The summer months are the perfect time to celebrate the culture of countries with warmer climates, like Mexico, Spain, and Argentina. For a Mexican fiesta party, you could include chilli, tacos, corn chips, guacamole, and other foods you love from the region. Decorate the party with cacti, desert flowers, and piñatas. Setting up a margarita drinks station will ensure the party is a hit.


Ice Cream Party

There are few things in life more satisfying than eating a delicious ice cream on a sunny day. Make the most of this fact by organising an ice cream party this summer.

If the party is for adults, hire a nitrogen ice cream barwith flavours like Jack Daniels and vanilla, whiskey and ginger ale, gin and tonic, and so on.


Sustainable Summer Party

Sustainability is currently a hot topic in the corporate world. You can take advantage of this fact by placing a spotlight on sustainability at your party. Invite a number of speakers who can talk about sustainability and use sustainable decorations. You could also organise a sustainable activity like tree planting or removing plastic pollution from a local park. Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about sustainability and discuss the topic with experts.


Pantone Colour of The Year

If you are passionate about fashion (or colour), you could organise a summer party around the Pantone colour of the year. Use decorations, lighting, and foods that are the colour of the year or very close to it. Encourage guests to wear the colour if they have it in their wardrobe. Colour of the year parties can be visually stunning and very Instagram friendly. The 2020 colour of the year is Classic Blue.


Watermelon Party

Another fruit themed party! A watermelon party can involve watermelon decorations, watermelon punch, watermelon slices, watermelon jello and whatever other watermelon related items you can think of.

Carnival Party

This is a fantastic theme for children’s parties. You can use any of the elements from the circus or country fair at your carnival party. In terms of food that means popcorn, fairy floss, hot dogs, snow cones, and ice cream. For activities, you can include balloon darts, the ring toss, dunk tanks, and any other favourite carnival games. Kids will also enjoy face painting, temporary tattoos and a clown show.


Speakeasy Party

Return to the roaring 1920’s by throwing a summer speakeasy party. Have bartenders wear traditional garb from that time (vests and suspenders) and host the party in a rustic location with plenty of brickwork, timber, and leather couches. Serve drinks popular in the 20’s like Old Fashioned, Sidecar, Gin Rickey, and Bee’s Knees. It’s a great excuse to dress up and listen to some of the great music from the era.


Campout Party

This is a great option for night time events. Set up an outdoor camp with campfires, tents, folding chairs, benches, and BBQs. Serve guests drinks in tin cups and offer them a collection of foods often enjoyed while camping.


Outdoor Movie Night

There is something really exciting about watching a movie while sitting outdoors under the stars. To organise an outdoor movie night, you will just need a backdrop (a wall or large curtain), a projector, and a sound system. Serve the foods you would typically enjoy at the movies, like sweet/savoury popcorn, chips, chocolate, pretzels, and so on. If the event is for adults, add a cocktail bar.


Garden Party

Spring and summer are the perfect time of year for an outdoor garden party. Set up an outdoor table with a variety of seasonal fruits and flowers for decorations. Serve sandwiches, pies, and pastries for guests, as well as fruity cocktails or champagne. Check out this great postfor more garden party ideas.


Lawn Game Party

There is a long-standing British tradition of playing outdoor games in the warmer months. You can base your entire party on this tradition, adding games like hoopla, skittles, outdoor Jenga, croquet, and darts to your event. Provide plenty of fold out chairs for spectators, scoreboards, and finger foods.


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