11 Trendy Marquee Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 13 2020

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New Years Marquee Hire

Didn’t find the best venue for the New Year’s Eve Party? Don’t worry, hire a Marquee to have a swashbuckling year-ending event.

Most people hesitate to use a marquee for organizing private parties. Believe it or not, going this way is beneficial in every respect without compromising anything.

No matter how big the guest list is, you can always have a blasting party bash while accommodating everyone with convenience. From funky themed parties to ballroom dance parties, you can do anything inside a marquee. The best part, you don’t have to spend a fortune to hire an outdoor party tent.

Wondering how to decorate a marquee for the New Year’s Eve party?

We have herein enlisted some of the best inspirations from theevent managementexperts.

1. Hire a Winter Marquee

It’s chilling cold all around during New Year’s Eve so, go for the modernized winter marquees. They are sturdy enough made of water-resistant high-quality material to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Don’t worry about the damp ground, cold weather, and snowfall outdoors. There will be heaters with the thermostat to give you the ultimate comfort, while the hardwood flooring eliminates the inconvenience of moving on the muddy landscape.

2. Go for a Colourful Theme

Does the white and silver theme look too monotonous after attending too many winter weddings and parties?

It’s time to take a break. You can even go for the retro colourful theme party. Choose linen drapes in vibrant hues attached to the centre of the ceiling reaching all corners of the tent. Use a lot of bright tinted fabric curtains all around, on the chairs, tables, etc.

3. Plush Lights Everywhere

  1. the gleam lights this year. Go for the shimmering bright lights all around. A chandelier at the centre of the roof is just the ideal embellishment to complement the colourful fairy lights all around. In large tents, a few paper lanterns all around can add a dazzling effect to the marquee decor.

4. Setup a Mobile Bar

The venues in big hotels may already have a separate section for a bar setup. Don’t miss the chance to get the same ambiance and feel as your guests may find at a luxury venue. You get to hire a portable bar at the marquee with a bartender.

Serve your invitees the right dilution of liquor professionally prepared by the highly-experienced bartender. The idea works splendidly if you are looking to organize a cocktail party. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the glassware, serving the drinks, cleaning the bar, etc.

There are various options to hire a mobile bar at different price ranges. You can do almost anything needed for your event.

5. Space-Saver Long Trestle Tables

You can set up large marquees too but saving some space is always preferred to make some room for your guests to move freely, dance, and enjoy. Line up all the tables in a long row on the sides of the tent. Feel the zeal of eating together like a family.

6. Don’t forget the Centrepiece

The round table at the middle of the celebration area is always the attention grabber. This is where you can leverage all your creativity and imagination to keep a centrepiece that will be the eye-catcher in the party. Don’t worry, your event managercan take care of everything to come up with an exquisite centrepiece depending on the theme of your party.

7. Illuminated Dance Floor

Looking for a ballroom or dance party theme on New Year’s Eve?

Then this is the sure-shot idea to boost the excitement on the dance floor. Opt for LED dance floor instead of wood flooring. There are unlimited lighting options to establish the disco ambiance inside the marquee.

8. Paper Pom-Poms Decors

This is the ultimate marquee decoration on a budget. Paper pom-poms are easy to make at home. The creative guys who want to do some DIY decors can add a colourful touch to the party venue.

9. Transparent Marquees

Wanna party inside the tent but don’t want to miss the starry night outside?

The transparent marquee is the ideal solution. These tents look spacious enough and require less décor or lights. To spice up the starlit effect, go for an all-blue color theme with the decorations.

10. Rustic Theme Décor for Small Gatherings

Want a marquee party event for a small group of friends. Go for a rustic theme this year. For a group of 10-15 people, this is the perfect way to experience the difference. Set up hay bales for seating arrangements around round tables.

Instead of electric lights, use a lot of lanterns and tea light candles to illuminate the tablespaces. This can give a bit of warmth amid the chilling wind outdoors.

11. Bespoke Marquee

Don’t like any of the above marquee decoration ideas?

You don’t have to compromise with something that is not desired. We recommend going the bespoke way. Just consult your event managerabout the type of theme or décor you need inside the marquee. There are umpteen possibilities to customize the decorations the way you like at the venue.

Having a marquee venue does not pose any limitations to the decorations. Hence you can do almost anything for New Year’s Eve theme party inside a tent.

Sanitize with Care

Last but definitely not the least, COVID-19 dilemma is not over yet. Fortunately, it is far easier to sanitize a marquee compared to large venues. You are setting it up in an empty space, so the work should not take much time.

Even after the entire setup and decors are done, you can repeatedly implement sanitization roundups for complete safety.

Wrapping Up,

Marquees have always been the best venue for private parties. With the enormous scope of customizing the entire setup and decors, it offers enough room for doing a theme party inside the sumptuous party tent. They are available in many sizes. So if you have an empty space, we can get you covered.

Before choosing a venue for New Year’s Eve partythis year, consider this budget-friendly option to explore the umpteen possibilities and feel the thrill.