10 Event Entertainment Options that Will Surprise Your Guests

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 22 2020

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Event Entertainment Options

Even if your event has strong branding, delicious food, and a well-planned agenda, it won’t be particularly memorable unless it includes some exciting entertainment options.

Having quality entertainers at the event makes the occasion far more engaging, interesting, and impressive for all attendees.


But to make your event stand out from the crowd, it needs to employ unusual entertainment options which delight or amuse your guests. In this post, I’ll share a few of the best options, to help you run a memorable event that impresses your guests.


Circus Performers

Even the most jaded event attendee will be impressed by the daring acrobatic feats of circus performers. Throw in some fire twirling and chainsaw juggling to create an event that guests won’t forget any time soon. There are many performance groups in the UK who specialise in events and parties including:


A group of three moustached acrobats who dress in Victorian-era garb. They will jump and twirl around your event while looking spiffy.

Alula Cyr
An all-female circus group which performs awe-inspiring synchronised acrobatics and dancing.

I Cube
i Cube is an “incredible visual experience using Fire, Chrome, LED, UV, Laser and Pyro.” It is guaranteed to surprise and excite your guests.


Food Science Presentations

A food science presentation takes guests through many weird and wonderful science-based food concepts. Attendees will be fascinated as they watch a food scientists create tomato sauce bubbles, nitrogen gas infused chocolate mousse, fluorescent cocktails and much more.


Unusual Workshops

When people attend a corporate event or business seminar, they expect to see speakers who are talking about issues which directly related to their industry. While the attendees enjoy learning more about their chosen field, the event can become dull after several sessions on the same topic.


Break up mundane seminars with unusual workshops which are designed to be interesting and entertaining. For example, you could have a workshop where a comedian explains how to make corporate presentations funnier. Your attendees can enjoy a few laughs during the presentation and come away with some useful ideas. Other ideas include:


Creative workshops that teach attendees how to tell better stories or write more engaging emails

Cooking classes which teach attendees how to make the perfect Italian pasta sauce

Seminars where a counsellor shares 10 ideas on how to improve romantic relationships

Motivational sessions with a life coach

Classes which teach ‘life hacks’

Workshops that teach a basic skill like how to mend clothes or plan overseas trips


Escape Rooms

As escape room is a game where a group of attendees work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks with the goal of getting out of a room. This type of puzzle is a fun and exciting experience that works well as an ice breaker.


Live Jam Sessions

Live music has always been a sure-fire way to make an event more exciting for attendees. You can make a concert even better by turning it into a jam session. Not only are jam sessions a lot of fun, they help attendees get to know one another and create shared memories.


There are several options for creating a live jame session:

Have participants jump on stage with a live band to play an instrument, sing, or simply bash a tambourine

Have a few musicians teach a group of participants how to play certain songs, then have an extended jam. If event attendees aren’t particularly musical, have them play a bongo drum or maracas

Organise a drum circle

Add a karaoke room to the event


Musicians With A Twist

Another excellent option is to hire a musical group with a particularly exciting or elaborate stage show. One example of this type of performer would be Fire Tuba, a classical musical act with a twist. Every time the tuba player in the group hits a note, fire bursts out of their tuba. It is bizarre, funny, and sure to pique the interest of your guests.


Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunts

Augmented reality has become a feature at many technology events over the past few years. One great use of this technology is to run a virtual scavenger hunt at the event, where participants use their phones to look for certain virtual objects and solve puzzles.


Immersive Photo Booths

An immersive photo booth takes guests on a virtual tour to the world’s most iconic landmarks. It is a computerised booth which allows attendees to take photos of themselves in front of famous locations like Big Ben, Disney Land, the Great Pyramid of Giza and so on. The images can be immediately printed or shared on social media. It is a simple way to make the event more entertaining and provide attendees with a keepsake.


An Unexpected Pub Quiz

The humble pub quiz is a popular past time enjoyed by many thousands of Brits each week. Quizzes are fun to compete in and a few laughs are guaranteed, especially if you have a skilled quizmaster.


However, the last place you expect to see one is at a corporate event or party. Surprise event attendees by throwing them into a random group of people to compete in a quiz for prizes. Provide a few tasty cocktails for attendees and the event is guaranteed to be a success.


Story Time

Humans use stories to make sense of the world and to share that understanding with others. Stories are also a wonderful way to share funny, emotional, or inspiration, experiences, which brings people together.


Run a story telling session at your event, where a series of guests share some interesting stories with attendees. You can make attendees aware of the event beforehand and offer them the opportunity to also share their own story with the group.


I hope you found this article useful. For more tips on choosing entertainment options for your next event, give 1 Entertainment a call on 0207 193 8029.